On 7th December – Christmas Cards

Yesterday afternoon, we tackled and completed our Christmas card list.

It is always something I approach with mixed emotions – going through the list, it brings friends and family to mind who we may not have seen for a while, those who have had a wonderful year (weddings, births, significant birthdays) and those for whom the year has been tough (illness, bereavement, family tragedies). 

How do you find sending Christmas cards?  Do you still do it? Do you email a card instead? Or send a Christmas message on Facebook?

Most of our card recipients are not also blog readers, so I will share our family Christmas Card here.

Consider this your Christmas wish from me to you, and if you REALLY want a “real” card, feel free to print it out and set it on your mantlepiece!

I made it using Jolly Holiday by Weeds & Wildflowers, and my kids reluctantly happily posed to a couple or hundred of pics until I was happy! At least no Santa hats were involved in the production of this card.
Today sees the “Grand Opening” of janmary designs
I am so pleased with how the store looks and functions, thanks to Cathy from Desparately Seeking WordPress who carefully led me to the dark side of WordPress!
Be sure to pop over for a visit, take a look around and maybe subscribe to my blogfeed or sign up for the newsletter.
On to some other business
We Have Winners!!!
Wii Game winners : BareNakedMummy, Kelly and JoLiv
Lighting Styles Christmas Candelabra winner : Girlie (from Paris!). Thanks to lightingstyles.co.uk for sponsoring this giveaway.
Finally, those who follow my daily Christmas blogging posts will know I LOVE nativity sets, and I would love to see those belong to any other bloggers out there.
So, on 21st December I am having a Christmas Nativity Carnival.  Please come back then and post a link to any blog post about Nativity Sets, and there will be a prize! In the meantime, spread the word and/or wear this button on your blog.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas ramblings and daily blogging.

I am also sharing this post with Walk With Me By Faith who is hosting a Christmas Card Carousel

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  1. Congratulations on the opening of your store! How wonderful!

    I’ll be sending a few real Christmas cards (there’s nothing like an actual note). I’m designing them myself, which has been tons of fun. I’ll also post them on my bloggy blog once I’m sure all of my mail recipients have gotten theirs so that I can wish everyone on the internets Merry Christmas!

  2. oh i love the photo of your kids!! perfect for a card!! i haven’t visited you store…but i will soon! you take care!! oh…and thank you for the wonderful gift!! thank you LIGHTING STYLES!!!!

  3. With regard to cards we do a mix of all those things. there are cards we each write, others we sign separately and then we produce a familiy Newsletter for overseas and those we don’t see very often – must let you see it. a few days before Christnams i send an email greeting to current and former busienss colleagues and those who dont fit into any of the other categories

  4. I love your card. I still sent cards to those family and friends whom I’ve not seen recently or who live far away. I sometimes include a letter letting them know any news. I don’t sent e greetings as a rule. I might just print out your card.
    I am going to join your Nativity posting and put the button on my blog.
    Mama Bear

  5. It’s a beautiful Christmas card! Thank you again for the M&S vouchers, which arrived safely today. I’m looking forward to putting together that package!

  6. Yay! I was so happy to see you set up a nativity sharing day! I collect them also & love the excuse to show them. Don’t have any fancy expensive ones, but they are my fav thing to set out! Thank you!

  7. visiting from the card party — i have visited ireland once and it’s the most beautiful place on earth – i pray i can return with my children some day!
    love your card – beautiful children!

  8. I just love the layout of your Christmas card – thanks for sharing!

    Your jewelry is SO pretty – I signed up for the newsletter and to your blog – I look forward to getting to know you more. I am also excited for your Nativity carnival. I don’t have one yet, but might share the one I really want to get someday.

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