Lessons, sculptures, jewelery and a challenge!

I’m back, and I missed blogging last week, but not SO much that I actually got around to doing it! 

Did you miss me? Did you notice? …….. probably best if you don’t answer that…….

So here is what have I NOT blogged about – Valentines Day, a weekend at the cottage on the north coast, our hunt for statues for my daughter’s art project, learning some new jewellery techniques, another Pampered Chef/jewellery party, lots of ice, quite a lot of fog and even a little more snow.

So here is what I have learned

  • Hunting for modern sculptures was a great family activity.

One in a lovely setting and a lovely sculpture

One was interesting but not so well looked after and not located in such a picturesque setting (weeds and graffiti)

One that should fit well into its surroundings (a goat)

until you see that due to the rebuilding of a bridge, it is currently in the middle of a building site and has a port-a-loo RIGHT beside it!!!!

So JUST FOR FUN here is a wee challenge for you – can you tell me where in Northern Ireland each of these sculptures can be found? Leave your answer in the comments below!
  • I learned a few new jewellery techniques – here are some items I have made recently

And another of my best-selling green chunky bracelets

All these items soon to be appearing in my online store www.janmarydesigns.com

Do you remember the air-dry beads I made?

then painted?

Well here is the finished product using the hand-made beads

  • I learned that it is NOT LONG to St Patrick’s Day – and I am planning to do another St Patricks Day Bloggy Carnival this year, as last year’s was lots of fun.

Watch out for more details soon, and if you plan to share anything about celebrating (or even not celebrating!) St Patrick’s Day be sure to link it back here on 17th March as there will be prizes!

 For more lessons learned, visit Musings of a Housewife, you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. I like that first necklace, like a silver net with lovely beads. Also the colour of your hand made beads are beautiful – sparkly deep purple and black. Looks realy classy

  2. I love statues too! Of COURSE we missed you Silly! I’m glad you had a break too, of course, everyone needs it. My Mr. and I took a weekend away too and it was good.

    Your creations are simply lovely, JM, you have an impeccable sense of style! I think your handmade beads are nicest of all. Who’da knew? Thank you for sharing!

    Its been so nice here that I put in an entire afternoon of yard work! I’m nicely sore and had lots of good sun.

  3. Hey JM! Your jewelry is gorgeous, as always! I got your email – I’ll try to respond to you tomorrow, OK?

    (PS … love the term “port-a-loo” – we call it a porta-potty which doesn’t sound nearly as quaint.)

  4. Don’t know where the sculpture is but I can tell you the toilet is a Satellite Tufway, manufactured in Minneapolis. How nerdy is that!?

  5. I have missed your posting and I just checked and was going to leave you a comment seeing if everything was alright and you had posted!!!

    I love the first bracelet w/ the silver little balls – it’s georgeous!!!!
    Glad to hear you are doing fine –
    we have finally had some warmer weather –
    am looking forward to your St. Pattys blog party –
    take care

  6. I missed you! I hope you are having fun!

    I love the new jewelry techniques–those are fabulous! I’m jealous because I don’t have time right now to learn new techniques! One of these days!

    Love the beads–and I love the necklace. It’s beautiful!

  7. I think the goat could be a sculpture from deborah brown in cushendun isn´t it?

    Fantastic new beads and bracelets.

    Can´t wait until your new blog part will start

  8. Don’t have a clue where they are located, but I loved your jewelry!

  9. All the pieces of jewellery are fab but the green chunky bracelet is my favourite. I’m curious to know where the statues are because I’m cluless

  10. those sculptures are really interesting!!
    and your jewelries/accessories are very nice!!! i love the first one, the multi-colored bracelet and the last black one. you are really good at this!!
    you take care!!

  11. I wanted to tell you that I’ve passed on the Sunshine Award to you! Please visit my blog for details! Congratulations!

  12. The pictures are great and the jewelry is beautiful! Stopping by from SITS to say hello and Happy Sat Sharefest 🙂

  13. Oh where oh where can my JM be,
    Oh where oh where can she be?
    With her blog to do and me waiting here,
    I think she’s out by the sea.

    I think that she is taking some time,
    To rest and rejuvinate,
    And though I came to visit today,
    Heavens, I can just WAIT!

    (impatiently perhaps, but its good, makes me anticipate)


  14. I did notice actually! You haven’t commented in a while.

    Love that first piece of jewelry you pictured – the bracelet. DIVINE. Looking forward to breaking out the bracelet you made me last year – it goes with all my spring clothes and my spring handbag.

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