18th of December – postman and presents

Can you believe that this time next week will be Christmas Day? This morning we had our first sprinkling of snow – and more is forecast. Here in N Ireland we rarely have a white christmas, but maybe this year it will happen.  For those who get tonnes of snow each year, this may look insignificant – and it is, unless you are 5!

Today’s carol service was my eldest daughter singing solo again, this time in front of over 900 pupils from her school.  Parents are invited if your child is reading or doing a solo, so we had tea and mince pies in the library before attending the carol service.  Again she did us proud, but she was very relieved when it was all over.

This afternoon my son and I delivered our Christmas cards to our neighbours. He was very enthusiastic, with his Santa hat and his “Ho, ho, ho!”


This evening my daughters and I wrapped the majority of our Christmas presents. George the cat sat down on top of the wrapping paper, and tried to look inconspicious, but failing!

I love to see the presents under the tree.

Have you wrapped yours yet?

Tomorrow we have a daughter turning 12 (eeek!), so we have 8 girls coming tomorrow evening for craft and a chocolate fountain.

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  1. congrats. to eldest daughter!! Just wondering how you got the picture of the TOP of the houses?? 😀 it seemed a wee bit high up for my liking, i prefer stayong on the ground! I wish we got more snow 🙁
    p.s. i live on the other side of Lisburn so I think you got more snow than us!! 😛

  2. Boo, still no snow in Ards. It’s tried, it really has, but nothing yet. I hope is snows later so we can go out and play in it:) Congratulations to your eldest you must be so proud.

    Happy birthday to your youngest daughter, and good luck for tonight:)

  3. I have all my gifts wrapped…except the ones I haven’t bought/made yet!! lol Happy Birthday to your daughter. Mine just turned 12 on the 9th. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. Snow is very magical when you are five! Even if it’s not very much.
    Have a fun time with your daughter and her friends. Twelve is very much an in between age.

  5. We have lots of snow today!! Come by and have a look!

    I hope your daughter has a wonderful and fun birthday.

  6. You take wonderful pictures! So excited about the nativity link-up and can’t wait to participate (what a clever idea). See you then–visiting from SITS

  7. great post. love the picture of the cat. Have a great saturday. i am stopping in from sits. I have added you to my favorites list. I couldnt get your feed to work. have a great weekend

  8. So cute. I love your photos. I’m sure your neighbors were happy to see your son. I wish someone would come to my door like that! So sweet!

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