On the12th day of December….O Christmas Tree

Today, as part of my daily posting about Christmas until Christmas Eve, I am sharing our main Christmas tree.

We have 2 decorated trees and quite a few mini trees around the house this year, but this is the main tree and is MY tree! This means I get to have final say on the decorations, and I have a cream/natural/gold/neutral kind of thing going on. The rest of the family graciously tolerate this! It is our more “grown up” tree.

I love how it looks at night too.

The concert last night was really enjoyable. On the way there in the car, my eldest daughter informed me she was also singing as part of a small group, and had a line to sing as a duet……she had forgotten to tell me, which judging by my nerves, was probably just as well.

Both kids sang in their respective choirs, and all their practicing paid off. Here is the venue, looking festive. In case it looks like no-one was there, I took these photos one evening last week.

Finally, taking of photos, one of my photos of the Belfast Christmas market was chosen today as Photo of The Day in the Travel section of WebShots.

To see more Christmas trees, visit We are THAT family, or come back soon here, where there no doubt will be more photos of Christmas trees, as well as traditions and food here in my world!

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23 thoughts on “On the12th day of December….O Christmas Tree”

  1. It’s so nice to meet someone from Ireland. I love your “grown up” tree and the pictures are beautiful. I was in Ireland once for a couple of hours. Our plane landed in Shannon on the way to Greece. That was way back in 1978. I bought a pretty ring with a green stone in it at the airport there. Unfortunately I’ve gained weight and the ring is too small now.
    Have a great Christmas.

  2. Creative Junkie

    What a beautiful tree! Those are my colors too, and if I ever get a tree that I am allowed to decorate “my” way, it will most likely look a lot like yours … I simply love it!

  3. What a beautiful tree! When my children were younger I had a grown up tree, but it has now been taken over by my littles! I love it though. Someday I will have a grownup tree again and miss the children’s tree! Thanks for sharing your pictures

  4. I love your choice of colors. I too choose how the tree is decorated. We all have our roles, mine is the tree decor. I love decorating our irish tree.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting me…ao nice to meet you!
    I truly enjoyed stopping by here and seeing your beautiful tree and decorations!
    (I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland since many of my ancestors came from there!)
    I’m sure I’ll be back…God bless!
    ~Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)

  6. That is a beautiful tree. I lov the way our tree looks at night as well, it makes our home feel so warm and cozy. Christmas Blessings!

  7. We are THAT Family

    Your tree is so pretty! I love the glow of ours at night too. I like to sneak in there when the house is quiet–it’s so peaceful!

  8. Hi, JanMary!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself!

    First, I love your “grown up” tree. You have the same colors on that one that we have on our tree. I love cream and gold. I need to make more salt dough stars, though, for ours. I will soon show it on my blog, but I’m not through yet.\

    You are from Northern Ireland? May I ask what part…Belfast? I have always wanted to visit your Northern Ireland and Ireland. My mother and sister went there a number of years ago and traveled all over the place. They had such a wonderful time.

    What is the temperature like there right now? Do you get much snow?

    Wow, I have a billion questions I could ask you, but two will do for now.

    I hope that you are enjoying the Season.


  9. OK – you have convinced me we need to see SOMETHING live, celebrating Christmas… its not the same without.

    Your tree is very elegant, and as you say “grown up” I can see it bring you peace as you gaze at it.

    The buildings in the your photos are AMAZING! I am dying to come see your part of the world one day JM!

    As always, your blog has been a highlight of my blog hopping day!

  10. Ummm… also I don’t think I’m going to do a tree this year, just not time, so I am REALLY glad you have a FEW so I can enjoy. I’ll just put your blog on my screen for a bit with some blinkie lights here and pretend…

  11. JanMary,

    Your tree is gorgeous…I can just imagine sitting by the fire and gazing at the tree….

    Wishing you a blessing season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior…Betty

  12. Your tree is beautiful! It looks so warm and inviting there by your fireplace & hearth.
    So glad the Christmas concert went well~I always enjoy those!

  13. I LOVE your main tree! It’s beautiful! Congratulations on having your photo featured. Quite an honor! I love your blog, by the way, it’s always an inspiration.

  14. CJ, the Purple Diva

    I love the close up of the ornaments on the tree! I love that tree ornament!
    And congrats to you lovely lady for your picture being featured! It’s a beautiful picture!

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