Short and sweet – a bit like me!!!!

Have done very little photography, blogging or digital scrapbooking for a few days now. Photoshop has been misbehaving on my laptop, which has been more than a bit frustrating.

Finally a layout to share, using more of Katie Hadfield’s lovely digital creations.

The on-line photography course continues, but one of the challenges was to take a group (3 or more) photo – and I REALLY found this challenging. Thank goodness for Dolly Mixtures to bribe the participants. Fortunately Saturday morning was glorious, so we all headed to Hillsborough Fort, but very few of the resulting images pleased me.

A little more bribery on Sunday, and a black tablecloth covering the floor, and I got a few more shots.

and here it is in black and white

Back into the routine of school runs, after-school activities and homeworks. Another couple of weeks before my son will be up to his full hours at Nursery School, but he is loving it. In fact his teacher also goes to our church, and half way through the service he said to be “I’ll be right back” and proceeded up the ailse, along the front, down the other ailse, and into her pew, and sat on her knee! He told me later “She’s my best friend”.

I have received a few awards recently which have been lovely. However with some I should be tagging others, but I am WAY behind, so I hope you will forgive me if I don’t!

Instead here is a meme (for non-bloggers these are interesting or otherwise facts about ourselves given as the answer to prompts, usually received from other blogs).

RELUCTANT to do the laundry

EXCITED that I have some new orders for my digital scrapbooking small business J M Digital Designs.

WORRIED that I am forgetting something I need to do.

RELIEVED that my youngest has settled into Nursery School

WONDERING if I will finish this blog post this evening.

CERTAIN of my Christian faith, God’s love, and my salvation

CAUTIOUS about over committing to things.

HAPPY that my family is happy and healthy.

LOVE the dried strawberries in Red Berries Special K

ADORE my husband.

GRATEFUL for my friends -blogging and in the real world.

Tag! You’re it! Let me know if you decide to play along, I would love to read your answers.

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  1. beautiful!

    I love your answers to the meme too!

    I’ve given up getting the 3 kids in 1 shot if I’m the photographer…we need to go to a store where I can be the just-off-camera-holding-kid-in-place-while-tickling-crazy-mother. THEN, we’ll get a shot or two…..I hope. 🙂 (mine’re too young for bribery!)

    thanks for stopping by the other day, I’m just now catching up! please come on back.

  2. Mine are usually all willing to have their pictures taken but all Heck breaks loose as soon as I try to get the three together. Good think I like shots of kids being goofy! 😉

  3. what a beautiful layout, and your photos are amazing! Very interesting meme – I love your responses.

  4. Hmmm, what ARE Dolly Mixtures? I’m curious now. Loving your photos! All these red hairs! Do they call them ‘carrot tops’ there too? My mom (from England) was a ‘carrot top’ too, in fact that was her email address before she passed 🙁

    How CUTE is your son, can I adopt him? LOL!

    Just here for a moment. I’m swamped, but wanted to take a moment to pop in and say HELLO!

    Thx for sharing … everything!

    I wish we could chat sometime! I miss it!


  5. As always, I love the pictures. Your children are adorable. I love their expressions on their face. Great layout page too!
    Loved the meme-great answers.
    I would do it,…but I’ve done it a LONG time ago. I may do it again…soon! After pink week is over! 🙂

  6. Cute! I just found your blog with my entrecard toolbar and I have added the picture to my stumbleupon photo blog 🙂 Nice work.

    Please visit my cheapest airfare blog and drop me a card.

  7. As always the phots are beautiful and making me a little jealous of my ham fisted approach to photography.

    Love the answers to the meme and off out now to find some dolly mixtures, Bassetts or Lyons, none of those fakey ones.

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