WFMW – Easy Autumn Craft for Kids

A new chapter of my life begins, as my youngest has started Nursery School in the mornings so for the first time in almost 11 years I have a few child-free hours each morning.

So where did I go to this morning? Back to our church Toddler Group of course!! I really enjoyed chatting to the other mums, helping set up and this morning I had volunteered to organise the kids craft activity.

I have been going for over 10 years, and I found it invaluable when my kids were small, and I really enjoyed going back as a helper. I get to hold the babies while the mums help their older kids, but I get to give them back too when they start to grizzle or need a nappy changed!

So today I want to share my easy peasy autumn craft that I organised at Toddlers today.

I found my inspiration here

But I made up my own variation as I could not get suitable ink/paint.

Step 1 – Go leaf collecting, and be sure to kick up the leaves and enjoy the crunch as you walk!

Step 2 – Microwave (YES – Microwave) the leaves on high for 2 minutes (I did mine in several batches) and the leaves will be dried out and really easy to crumble up into “leaf confetti”.

Step 3 – If you have it, cut up some brown paper for the tree trunk and branches. Cut some coloured tissue paper into squares.

Step 4. Use PVA glue to attach branches and tree trunks, crumpled up tissue paper and finally your leaf glitter.

Step 5 – Clean up the mess, and if you really enjoyed it, maybe you could let your kids try it too!

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This week in my online photography class we are focusing (excuse the pun!) on Candid Photography. We were to try to include some street photography as well as of people we know.

Here are a couple of images from this week.

Finally, much to my surprise, one of my photos from last week was chosen as one of the top images of the week by our tutor. I didn’t believe her at first, and sent her an email to check she hadn’t made a mistake – maybe I should be taking a course in Confidence and Self Belief.

Will (try to) be back on Friday with a Show and Tell post with more autumnal flavour.

If you are visiting my blog here in Northern Ireland for the first time you are more than welcome. I would love you to leave a comment, or even better subscribe to my blog!

Until the next time, take care.

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  1. That’s a great project! I might even want to give it a try with my older kids. I can see putting one or two fo those in frames…

  2. That looks like such a fun project!!! I’m going to have my girls collect leaves when we go up in the mountains this weekend so we can do this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was such a CUTE craft! I love the idea!
    The photos…amazing! I love the one of your son! I can see why it won!

  4. Too bad I don’t have any toddlers in our house… that is a brilliant idea!

    (And your pictures are wonderful. You have to admit that his smile had to have played a part at being selected… too precious! I don’t think you need a certificate hanging on your wall to believe me!)

  5. What an awesome craft! I have 4 young kids, 7 and under, and I think they’d all enjoy it.

  6. A reason to go back to Cairn Wood and a craft idea. I knew there was a reason I stopped by here.

    And the photo of your son is very cute.

  7. Sigh – you make me want to be a kid again and do crafts. LOL – actually I’ve been having some ideas here too. The sumac leaves are ready here, in brilliant ruby jewel tones, and I have an idea. I help with nursery here at our church here too, sometimes, but after 20 + yrs since our daughters were small I’m still a bit ‘afraid’ of babies and small children. I’m trying the ‘immersion’ method to get used to them again. LOL They are good for the soul – I love how real and candid they are.

    Your photography IS awesome, I’ve always thought so. It does not surprise me at all that your instructor should recognise your ‘discerning eye’ You know, there’s a ton of technique involved in good photography, but its all nothing without the discernment of the eye behind the lens.

    I must run, JM, as I’ve left my tomatoes stewing on the stove and my Mother in Law up there with them, I want neither to ‘boil over’ waiting for me… 😉

    Love, Barb
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great craft idea, JanMary!

    I volunteer to watch the children at my church, too, during the moms’ group. Had our first meeting of the year yesterday. I think loving on the children is such a good way to support young moms. If I’m not in the meeting speaking to them, I love being in the nursery with their kids!

  9. I run a toddler group here in Ireland. I’ll be doing this next Thursday. I’ll take pics and blog it!

    Thanks for a great idea!

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