On 21st December … delicious Christmas chocolate treats to make

The following are my two most requested recipes to share ….. and they have quite a reputation among my friends. You can almost guarantee they will visit if they know my Mum has delivered some of her delicious yummy Chocolate Florenties and Mocha Fudge Truffles.

These have been repeated previously on my blog, but I never hesitate in sharing a good recipe.  Before sharing it, I have to confess I have NEVER made them myself. As my Mum delivers boxes of them from time to time, I have never had to (thanks Mum!). So I am delighted to share this recipe, and how you enjoy making them as much as you will eating them.

My Mum’s Florentines

4 oz butter

3 oz caster sugar
1 generous table spoon double cream

Heat above ingredients gently to boil and simmer for 3 to 4 mins – will change colour slightly.

Add 4 oz flaked almonds, 4 oz glace cherries (red and green) cut into small pieces

Place on non-stick parchment in small spoonfuls (about 8 to a tray)

Bake at 180 degrees C in fan oven for 5 minutes approx

Remove when a good caramel colour

Pull into shape with a biscuit cutter. It seems difficult at first but perservere – it gets easier with practice!) If it gets cool, put into the oven again for a moment.

Have another tray ready to cook when the first ones come out.

Cool on greaseproof paper and when hard, cover the base with melted chocolate.

I use the non-stick paper again, so don’t discard this. These are time consuming to make, but worth it!
If you make them, be sure to let me know how you get on!

Mocha Fudge Truffles (or Chocolate Balls of you don’t want to be so fancy!)

4 oz butter
8 oz icing sugar
4 teaspoons of instant coffee powder in 4 teaspoons of boiling water
10 crushed digestive biscuits
6 oz coconut
Melted chocolate
Walnuts to decorate

Beat butter, sugar and disolved coffee toghter well
Add curshed biscuits and coconut

If mixture is soft, chill well and shape into walnut-sized balls.
Allow balls to harden
Dip balls in melted chocolate and place a small piece of walnut on the top.

What is your favourite treat recipe? Please share.

Only a few more sleeps to Christmas, but I am running out of christmas blogging inspiration. If you have ANY ideas, please let me know!

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  1. Yum! the fudge truffles look divine! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! Merry Christmas!

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