Show & Tell – A cottage garden (and a winner)

Today for my Show and Tell I want to share the new garden “feature” (if you can call it that!) at our holiday cottage.

Now, you may be imagining beautiful country roses, heavily scented and full of gorgeous blooms….

…’d be wrong!

I have gone for the complete opposite – modern and minimal…….

hope you are not too disappointed……

because there is not much to see….

but it is at our cottage…..

and it is sort of a garden feature….

OK, I know it is just 1 plant, 2 pots and a black ceramic ball, but I like it! It requires minimal maintenance and care, which suits me perfectly.

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So, on to other things, and the announcement of the winner of THE BAG

drumroll please………

Laura from C.W.Picket & Co

Thanks to everyone who entered, and if you didn’t win, be sure to subscribe (see the left column of this blog), because another Cath Kidston bag is now available in Tesco’s and I will be arranging another giveaway in a wee while.

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20 thoughts on “Show & Tell – A cottage garden (and a winner)”

  1. You don’t need a lot of stuff in your garden to make it cosy ! I am also for simple things !

  2. Anne Fannie

    Hello JanMary, a simple garden means less work!
    Thanks for sharing this Show and Tell Friday.
    Love, Ann from Southern California!

  3. I love our garden pictures. That’s my kind of garden! I’ve already contemplated how to turn the flower beds in the new house into rock gardens with minimal weeds poking through LOL.

  4. Beautiful garden display, I love the simplicity of it… perfect for me since I so don’t have a green thumb… lol. Have a great day!

  5. Congrats to Laura!! I will try next time!! smile!
    Thanks for stopping by today!! My dad really was good at whittling!! I wish that he could still do it!! But it takes steady hands which he no longer has at 90!! Take care

  6. Congrats to the winner!

    And are you kidding me? I love the simple design and layout for your garden!!! We used to do a lot of xeriscape in Arizona and the simplicity and design made it very unique and eye catching…as yours does.

    Well, where I live we’re now ‘downgraded’ to tropical storm warning. Which is great news from our vantage point, but where our son lives it’s another story…Houston is still in line for the ‘big hit’ later tonight or early Saturday morning. And we still have power. I’ve been trying to get as much work done around the house just in case water or power goes out before this storm hits land…I’m done. All I can do that is humanly possible. We’ve shuttered the windows up and just wait for the worst to pass us.

    Thanks again, for your thoughts and prayers.

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