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A Photo-drive to Murlough Bay with snow and sheep!

We headed east from the cottage for a drive round the coast this morning. We drove from Ballycastle to Cushendun along the scenic road (narrow, twisty and steep in places!) which passes Fair Head, Murlough Bay and Torr Head. The coast line was stunning with the snow still lying it lots of areas.  It is less accessible (especially for the big tourist buses) and so has a lovely remote and unspoilt feel to this dramatic coastline.

Usually I share “photo-walks” on this blog, but is was absolutely freezing, and I only managed a couple of minutes outside the car at any one time, so more of a “drive” than a “walk”.

So not many words – just lots of photos:

These are my favourite images from our drive
Murlough Bay
Mummy sheep and her twins
and the “3 amigos” sheep!
and here is the rest of the photos :
Fair Head (with Scotland in the distance)
 More of Scotland

Snow drift in a bus shelter


One of my favourite places – Murlough Bay

Sheep on the road – there were several on our journey
A lot more snow

Unsurprisingly the picnic spot was not too popular today!

This shows how deep the snow was here before it was cleared by the snow plough

And then some more of those sheep

At one point my son said “I see a pig – no it is a wool-less sheep, a naked sheep!” – it was a sheep which had been shorn – made us laugh!

So there you have it – my photo-drive around part of the north coast of N Ireland.
I am sneakily adding this to What I Learned this Week too – over at From Inmates to Playdates – what I learned this week – Murlough Bay is a stunning place, especially in the snow, but it was SO cold!
What have you learned this week? Please share in the comments below, and make my day/week!

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