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An Easter/Spring Update

I seem to have been neglecting this blog with “ordinary” posts – without my routine of Lessons Learned and iPhone Friday, I doubt if I would ever get around to posting.

So, here is an update for you all.

The snow is still lying here in quite a few areas, despite it being over a week since the day of the heavy snow fall. Aparently this is has been the coldest March since 1962!

A friend renamed the season SPINTER which seems appropriate.

We are now up at the north coast at our cottage, and yesterday afternoon headed out for a drive with some photo taking opportunities.

Of course the wee lambs were everywhere, and here are a few

We headed on round the coast a few miles, and stopped just after Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge.

Fair Head looked stunning with snow on top!

I am not sure when I have ever seen Scotland so clearly! That is part of Rathlin Island in front, but all the rest is Scotland – you can even see the wind turbines!

The road to Ballycastle was also lovely, a few more photos before we returned to the cottage to warm up again.

In other news, I have recently joined our church choir, and last Sunday evening (Palm Sunday) we sang a cantata “Halleluja, What a Saviour” which was a challenge, but very meaninful to sing about the days leading up to the crucifiction and ressurection of Jesus.

On Thursday evening we sang a couple of the pieces again as part of the Communion Service, another signicifant day in the Christian calendar as we remembered the Last Supper.

I pray that wherever you are this Easter, that you will know the real reason for the celebration – Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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  1. aaaaaahh, I want to come visit you 🙂 Gorgeous pics!

    And Happy Easter to you 🙂

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