iPhone Friday – Pinterest links on iphoneography

Hello and welcome to another iPhone Friday post.

This week, as well as sharing some of my iphone photography images captured this week, I want to encourage you to use Pinterest to find great iPhone photography tutorials and inspiration.

My favourite jewellery I created for www.janmarydesigns.com this week were my new Instagram pendants using pics taken with my iPhone

I plan to offer these for sale soon on my website, and will also be able to make pendants and key-rings using YOUR own photos – so if you are interested, get in touch.

First my photos from this SNOWY week in Spring – or as a friend on facebook renamed this season – SPINTER!

 I created the following collage using TurboCollage and Phonto apps

Most of these pics of Castle Gardens in Lisburn I took with the proHDR app and the text was added with LabelBox app

It was definitely a week for collages on my phone – one of Moira (love the doors) and one of the Easter decor for sale in Dobbies!

Finally, occasionally I like to convert an iPhone image to black and white – if there is a lot of colour and a lot happening in the background, reducing it to black and white simplifies the image, and draws the eye to the faces (at least I think so!). This was my Dad and my son this afternoon.

Now on to Pinterest.

Here are a couple of great Pinterest tutorials by the lovely Jo-Lynne Shane (Musings of a Housewife) – one of the first bloggers I connected with when I first dipped my toe in the blogging waters (!)

Getting started on Pinterest

Using Pinterest

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