Show & Tell and Day 2 of Bristol trip

While away in Bristol last weekend, I was able to shop in Clifton village. A lovely area of Bristol full of boutique shops, lovely squares and yummy cafes.

Before I share lots more about my second day in Bristol, I would like to share a sign which I could not resist purchasing. It is for my Show and Tell, it is also the sort of thing I am Hooked On, and which I find Beautiful.

It is another of those items that my long-suffering husband just doesn’t “get” but he tolerates them for my sake 🙂

It appeals to my as it is shabby, quirky and vintage in style, and a bargain at £5 (about $8).

So on to my trip. Saturday was one of the Race for Life 5k an all-female walk/run for cancer charities. I must have been one of the few women NOT entered. Nearly everyone wore a label on their back saying who they were doing the race in honor of, and it was emotional just reading some of the personal messages.
As I was taking photos of the start of the race, to my amazement my friend Debbie spotted me from behind my camera, and called to me. I took this shot which although slightly out-of-focus it sums up Debs enthusiasm for life, and the great atmosphere too!

A few more of the runners – all ages, shapes,sizes and costumes took part too.

I then walked across the Downs, past the zoo, and along many of the paths I had walked 4 years ago when we lived here. I must admit part of me wished we still lived in this lovely city, where we made so many great friends.On to Clifton village, with it’s suspension bridge (you have to pay a toll to cross it by car), its’ lovely georgian houses, leafy squares and quirky shops.

This arcade is very similar to the ones I have visited in Paris, with wonderful window displays and unusual items.
I was particuarily taken with this mexican wedding mirror (anyone know why it is called a wedding mirror?).Finally, after a visit to the fountains and Habitat I briefly considered a visit to the Bristol City Museum. However a new exhibition by a graffiti artist (apparently famous, but not to me!) had just oipened so the queues were horrendous.

I abandoned that idea, and instead (evenutally – once it arrived!) took a Number 1 bus back to Westbury.

This post is the post that just keeps going! I think I will leave Day 2, Part 2 until another post as yes, there is more……

Until then, take care.

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  1. I really like that happily ever after sign!! I’m sure your long-suffering husband will deal with it. If he’s anything like my man, he won’t even notice it when you hang it up 😉

  2. I really like your sign! Can’t wait to see a photo of it hanging in or on your home. Fabulous photos! I loved seeing the places you have visited.

  3. JanMary …

    Your photos are once again, achingly wonderful. Your camera lens ‘snips’ out the most fascinating, interesting bits. I wish I could be at that nice green quiet spot, and I love the street scenes with all the different doorways etc. The headdress above the wedding mirror is something I’d love to own but never wear.

    Thank you for the ‘eye treats’ today – I’m so glad I sneaked over here before my man says its time to go. LOL Ok – getting the toe tapping in the background, time to wrap up.

    Have a loverly weekend!

  4. If your husband really can’t deal with the sign, I’ll pay for the postage to Australia…! I just love it. Nothing better than words for your walls 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit to the town and found your wall hanging, too! May God bless you to live happily ever after.

  6. Sigh – I love it when you post photos. It’s the next best thing to being there.

  7. I like the look of that bridge. Have you ever noticed how some amateur photographers like me have a thing for certain objects: Barns, Churches, Bridges, Houses, Artwork, etc. I seem to have a lot of Churches and Bridges in my collection.
    Thank you for sharing your trip. I like all of the photos.
    And I like the sign. Men don’t get it, do they? But we make the home which they must find inviting or they wouldn’t live there. All the little personality touches that make our nest, ours. Someone walked into this new house and seeing the decorating I have done so far said, “Now this looks like you.” Funny, I knew just what she meant.
    Mama Bear

  8. It looks beautiful, I’ll have to add Bristol to my list of cities to visit. I’ll admit it wouldn’t have been one I’d have thought of myself but your photos make it look stunning.

    I’ve no idea about the mirror, sorry:) but I do like that sign you picked up.

  9. wow i love all photos!!!!! vristol looks so wonderful! and i love the labels *want it, need it lol*

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