Cottage dolls and sleeping males!

This title will make sense, I promise!

We are up at the cottage for relaxing end to half-term, recovering from our non-stop trip to Disneyland Paris.

My Show and Tell for this week are these new purchases for the cottage.

I picked up the two dolls in the post-Christmas sales and I knew I would love to have in our cottage. This has been my first opportunity to bring them up to their new home, but already they look like that have always been here!

I particularly like the marmalade cat one of the dolls is holding.

For more Show and Tell be sure to visit There’s No Place Like Home.

We all find it easy to relax up here at the cottage, as demonstrated by the male members of the family this afternoon! They take there duty to relax very seriously.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day so look out or some heart-themed pics on your next visit.

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13 thoughts on “Cottage dolls and sleeping males!”

  1. Jennifer (Jennilyn)

    Love the second doll! So cute! Too funny about all the males taking a nap at the cottage. Glad you had a fun time at Disney!

  2. I’ve grown to really love those dolls! They’re so primitive and when I see them,…….I can’t help but fall in love with them.

    Hope you can find time to stop by my 2nd edition of three installments of my troll collection if you haven’t yet.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  3. Those photos are SOOOO funny – ROTFL, thats what holidays are for, though, really! They have it right, for sometimes we have a hard time justifying this.

    Yes, the dolls are marvelous and look wonderful there!

    Thx for sharing and have a great relax.

    ♥ Barb

  4. I love the photos…especially of the males relaxing. I love the photo of your kitty too!! Soooo sweet!! How far away is the cottage from your home?

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