First Snowdrops

I is always so encouraging to see the first signs of Spring, when it is so cold.

Confession here, these are not my snowdrops, but a neighbours (!), but I did take the picture.

What is blooming (if anything) where you live (or in your neighbours garden!)?

I am posting these for my Show and Tell post for this week too, as tomorrow will be busy and I probably won’t have my Project 365 pic posted until later tomorrow afternoon.

For more Show and Tell visit There’s No Place Like Home.

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  1. My Christmas cactus is finally blooming, if that counts? 🙂 Nothing outside though. This is a beautiful picture and I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a snowdrop before! My mom’s a major green thumb…I’m going to tell her we need to find some seeds for these!

  2. Oh wow, they are gorgeous. I love snow drops. I can’t grow them where I am. I wish I could (crocuses and tulips too) but it’s too warm. I remember them from when I was a child and lived in a colder climate. Flowes in my garden at the moment are magnolias, frangipani, stephanotis and jasmine. The gardenias and camellias have finished flowering. Other flowers during the year, are orange and lemon glossoms. My garden is filled with fragrant white flowers all year round. You can see some of it at my project 365 blog. The link is at my normal blog, if you’re interested.

  3. First signs of spring?! THE FIRST SIGNS OF SPRING???!!!! That’s so not fair. We’re still a good TWO MONTHS away ~ and at least THREE months from anything blooming!!

    Gorgeous picture, though! 😉


  4. I posted a picture of my first snowdrops a few days ago, on my photo blog, but these are a magnificent clump. I only have a few straggly ones.

  5. Those are so beautful. We have a few weeks before the first flowers make their apperance.

  6. This is a gorgeous photo. I have nominated you for a award you can found more details on my website.

  7. Wow, flowers already!?! I don’t think we have any signs of spring here yet, I’m still waiting for the winter to kick in.. 🙂 Beautiful picture!

  8. Beautiful shot! We don’t have anything blooming here yet although I am anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival. The last of the snow did melt away today though.

  9. love your blog, break down and buy you some beads, I started out with two beads and that was four years ago, now I have maybe 50, ok maybe 60…ha!!! it’s fun!

  10. Hi JanMary, Love the picture of the flowers.
    I live in Southern California and I have so much blooming in my garden. It was cold last month then this past week its been in the 80s and my flowers are so confused. I have Crocus,Daffodils and Iris in bloom to name a few. I saw one of my Hydrangeas starting to bloom and I said, ok, this is weird! I just hope this doesn’t kill any of them because its suppose to start getting cold again!
    Love, Ann

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so darned pretty. That photo is more than perfect. Beautiful.

    My show n tell is finally posted. It’s not much this week, but it’s something. LOL

  12. Oh Jan great pic I love snowdrops Ours have not yet bloome yet waiting patiently ans thenwll get the camera out too

  13. I love snowdrops although min are never as impressive as your neighbours. I think I’ve a few forget-me-nots out there as well.

  14. Your neighbor’s flowers are lovely. Not a thing is blooming around here in PA. We are still covered in snow.

  15. Nothing blooming here…just plenty of fog, no sun for 2 weeks!

    P.S. Thank you for providing a new ID thingy so I can show my true self.

  16. Isn’t it wonderful when the spring flowers start to appear. Here in County Armagh we had snow this morning, but not enough to lie – and the forecast says there’s more on the way this weekend! Be sure to wrap up warm wherever you are in NI!!

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