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10 reasons to love your iphone camera (iphonepgraphy)

Since watching photographer Jack Hollinsgworth on Creative Live sharing his passion for iphone photography (aka iphoneography) I have become increasingly attached to using my iphone as a camera on a daily basis.

Here is why:

1. My iphone camera is (nearly) always with me

I may have a better camera at home, but as they say “The best camera to use is the one you have with you”, and I don’t know about you, but I am rarely without my iphone.

This photo was snapped with my phone walking with my son home from school.

{Bonus – I am much more likely to remember to bring my phone with me now, and much more likely to hear it ringing as I keep it accessible!}

2. I can capture those everyday moments of life

It isn’t always easy, or approriate, to whip out my DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera, but in just a moment I can use my mobile phone camera to record that instance – a beautiful sky, a blossom, a kid’s first homework certficate…..

Here are daily photos taken with my iphone during February 2012 (I use an app Photo 365 but this isn’t necessary)

3. I can capture the unusual

Knowing that I always now have a camera with me has made me more aware of my surroundings, and I find “art” in unusual places…… I have developed a passion for photographying supermarket shopping trollies!

4.  I use it as a reminder

Instead of writing down the dimension and prices of curtains, I now take photos of the labels and prices. It is espeically useful in Ikea for all those weird and wonderful names of items! Menus in restuarants, websites and opening hours on signs…..I photograph them all!

5. I use it to connect with others via social media.

At the push of a button and the swipe of a screen or two I can easily share an image on twitter, facebook, instagram or the world!  No longer is it a matter of taking a photo with my camera, downloading it to my laptop, and uploading it to facebook/ blog – almost instantaneously I can have an image and an update posted.

6. I use it to share and promote my own business (www.janmarydesigns.com)

As long as used selectively I can take a photo of a piece of jewellery I am creating and share it via social media on twitter, facebook etc.  Often I can actually have sold the item to a follower before it has even been completed!

Here is an “in progress” photo

And here is the completed crocheted necklace, which I had sold to a facebook friend within a couple of hours.

7. I can connect with others and create a community

I am a huge fan and user of Instagram – not as my camera app or to edit the photos, but as a great way to share my photos with other Instagrammers locally and world wide.

It is great to get “likes” and comments and to have conversations with other iphone photographers around the world. I love to share images of the countryside and towns/cities here in N Ireland.

{A whole separate post on using Instagram coming soon!}

8. I can be more creative by using various apps to edit and create images from my photos – there are ways to add filters, effects, text, borders, frames……….

{another post just on apps, which ones I use and how I use coming soon!}

9.  It is unobstrusive

Nothing draws attention and kills the action or the conversation than whipping out a DSLR and saying “just pretend I am not here and continue as you were!”  However with an iphone, I can easily take a photo without interrupting and impacting on what I am trying to photograph.  This is particularily true for street photography.

10. It can remind me where I was!

As I can turn on the geotag option so WHERE the photo was taken will be recorded.

Have you any other reasons you can add to this list?

Which reason appeals most to you?

You can find me on Instagram (I’m Janmary) or see my images on my Webstagram  site.

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  1. I was just thinking (at the beginning of your article) how much my iPhone came in handy at IKEA, and then you said it!

    Great post – I agree 100%!

  2. Wow, which iPhone do you have?? I have the iPhone 4, and my photos never come out as good as these! Great job…and I love the idea behind this post. Pinned! 🙂

  3. Thanks Kecia. I just have an iphone4 too 🙂 Come back next week for tips on how to use your iphone camera!

  4.  Thanks Kecia

    I just have the iphone 4 too 🙂 Come back next week for my tips on getting better images with your iphone!

  5. I am just getting into blogging and also reading them as well.  I have to admit I did find this interesting and liked the part about taking pics of your jewelry while you are working on it.  Now that gave me some ideas 🙂  And the 
    shopping trollies lol I just love the name here they are all grey handled and called shopping carts.  No variety!  My roots are in Ireland as my grandfather was from there and maybe on day I might get to visit.  Great article!

  6. Thanks Ray for stopping by.

    That’s what I love about Iphoneography – by sharing the everyday details you now know that our trollies have different handles depending on which supermarket they are from (Tesco’s are blue, Asda’s are green, Sainsbury’s are orange…)!
    What appears normal and unremarkable in one world can be fascinating in another 🙂

  7. Great list! It’s so true that the best camera is the one you have with you. I especially like reason #9. Sometimes it’s awkward to bring out the DSLR.

  8. Oh I love this post! This is exactly what I love about my smart phone. I take photos all the time and my phone is so much easier and quicker to use than my (much larger) camera!

    Also, loving the crocheted necklace. I made a few of them a couple of years ago and have been planning on doing some more. How can I not pick up my crochet hook and wire now I’ve seen that gloriously colourful one of yours 😉

  9. I love this!  I’m very self conscious when it comes to lugging around my DSLR, and I’m always seeing things I would love to photograph while I’m out.    The phone camera is the perfect solution to that.  I just need to remember to use it now 🙂

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