Wedding Memories

Over at Eli’s Lids there is a wedding carnival this week and I have decided to join in the fun.

I am also including this as my Show and Tell at There’s No Place Like Home for this week and it is also part of “From Me to You” from We Are That Family.

Finally I came across Flash Back Friday at My Tiny Kingdom, so have joined in there too.

Just how many birds CAN I kill with one stone!

Apologies for the quality of the photos, all photos taken of the photos still in the albums, as my scanner is not co-operating.

It was a very hot (for Northern Ireland) sunny friday in June, 1992.

First my Mum and I the morning of the wedding, trying to look relaxed and pretending there isn’t a photographer in the room, but not managing very well! We are sitting in the upstairs living room of my parents last house.

One of my favourite photos of my Dad and I, on the way into the church.

My bridesmaids and little flower girl. (They include my german childhood penpal, my now sister-in-law who introduced me to my dh-to-be, my youngest cousin, and the daughter of another cousin). My aunt made all the bridesmaids dresses.

The vows. The church is a Reformed Presbyterian Church – the interior is quite plain and simple, no stain glass windows etc, and the singing is unaccompanied Psalms (so no organ or piano). The congregation sang Psalm 100 as I walked down the aisle.

Coming out of the church (can you see the relief on both our faces!)

My brothers and my cousin at the reception – I love this photo with their sunglasses. The reception was at The Culloden Hotel, Cultra, Co Down.

I gave my flower girl a doll dressed in the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses.

All the men in the wedding party, including best man, grooms man and 4 ushers. When one of my daughters recently saw this photo she asked “Is that the day you picked daddy to marry out of all those men?” !!!! (Like it was Pop Idol or something, and dh won!)

My Mum and Dad

My dh’s mum and dad, brother and sister – in – law. This is a very special photo as my mother-in-law has since passed away.

The cake cutting, the cake was baked by Mum and decorated by a cousin. Not sure where the 70’s hair on the groom came from for this photo, and the sleeves of my dress appear to have grown too!

Our “going-away” outfits. We drove to Dublin that night, to the Shelborne Hotel on St Stephens Green. The next day we flew to Florida for 2 weeks.

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And we lived happily ever after!

Thanks for joining me for this tour of both my wedding album and more informal pictures too.

Now for my photo of the day for Project 365.

Every weekday, at about 7am, I make the sandwiches for the kids packed lunches. Every day it seems to be ham sandwiches. The type of bread may change to rolls or wraps, but the filling is nearly always ham. They assure me they will NEVER bore of ham.

When my dh saw me taking photos of the sandwiches at 7am this morning he rolled his eyes, but then commented on the Depth of Field when he saw the images. Seems like you cannot avoid picking up the lingo even if you never have to take any photos!
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  1. Janmary, your wedding was beautiful – you were a gorgeous bride! Lovely pictures.

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give for kids like yours;)

    Your wedding photos are great and you make a beautiful bride, the Culloden’s a beautiful place for a wedding.

  3. How exciting!!! I especially like the photo of you and your father…there is just something about fathers and their daughters on a wedding day. Something very special to the bride’s heart and soul.

    Excellent show n tell. Mine’s posted, I do hope you can stop by and visit with me sometime today. Happy Friday.

  4. Your daughter’s version of how we pick a spouse, is a delightful idea. It looks as if you chose well. Living happily, you can’t top that.

    I never tire of ham, either!

  5. Awwwww – love your wedding photos! And your daughter’s “wedding idol” comment cracked me up!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your wedding photos. You were a beautiful bride. I also enjoyed the “Pop Idol” comment your daughter made about picking her daddy to marry. Thanks for sharing them.


  7. my fav is you and your husband looking at each other………..a picture IS worth a thousand words!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding you had. Love the one with you and your dad and the young girls. What a beautiful bride!

    Ham sandwiches are a favorite here, too. But can you believe for years my kids just wanted butter sandwiches for their lunches. Nice photo–would be good for advertising.

  9. That was lovely! Wedding photos always bring a smile to your face…. πŸ™‚

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  10. What a wonderful wedding ! and your pictures from photos came out very well ! I never scan I always take pictures from the photos, it looks much better ! I am absolutely sure that you daughter was right : you picked him out from all those men, hahaha !

  11. I enjoy seeing other people’s wedding photos. You had a lovely day and wow-your mom and cousin made your cake!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  12. Great pictures! The coolest part is that I think I was in Ireland that year. I’m pretty sure my Uncle and Aunt got married the year I turned 12 and that would have been ’92. They live in Dublin. My Mom was born in Tullamore. I love the pic with the sunglasses and the one of you and your husband staring into each others eyes!

  13. Wow, the one of you and your dad is just amazing. LOL about “picking” out your husband… if it were only that easy!! That was a really cute idea to get the flowergirls dolls with a matching dress… I can’t even remember what I got mine!
    Ihanks for sharing this awesome day πŸ™‚

  14. I love the wedding photos!! You look so beautiful.

    That sandwich does have great DOF!! LOL Too funny that hubby commented on that, my hubby will take pics for me, but he hasn’t picked up the lingo yet!


  15. Thanks for sharing your memories too. And thanks for popping in at my blog. Nice to see someone from Northern Ireland – a lot of South Africans working there.

  16. Oh my goodness, those are SO lovely! I don’t think I’ve ever see a picture of you! Are you still part of the Reformed Presbyterian church? I’m Presybeterian, although we do have instruments in our church I know some of the more conservative churches don’t.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. It was so fun to see your wedding photos and hear memories from a very special day. Everything was just beautiful! Thank you for sharing! And I’ve never seen a ham sandwich look so good either! πŸ™‚ Thank you for telling me about digi-scrapping. I have never heard of that, but I’m looking into it, since it’s so different from what I’m used to. I like a challenge! πŸ˜‰

  18. What fun photos and I’m sure they must evoke such happy memories of the special day! And I agree…that photo of you and your Dad is wonderful…you both look relaxed and genuinely happy. πŸ™‚

  19. What a great show and tell, I love wedding photos and you made a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing your special memories and your daughter’s comment was priceless.
    My dh often looks at me strange as I go about the house taking photos of everyday objects too!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog,
    Have a great week

  20. What fun!! And what a beautiful blushing bride you were!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

    My whole family jokes and rolls their eyes when it comes to anything having to do with my blog!! I just laugh!! I’m having a ball!!

  21. What a beautiful day – you all look so happy. The first photo is fun, it is hard to look “natural”, especially when prompted by the photographer!

  22. What a beautiful young bride you were, JanMary – thankgs for inviting us to share your wonderful photos. It will be interesting to compare them when the children get married too. Not so far off, really!

    Do they ever like their ham fried, bread toasted? That’s what I’d like. Mustard?

  23. What a lovely bride you were! I love the cake, and all the dresses! How fun to show your wonderful wedding photos, I enjoyed this so much!

  24. “Is that the day you picked daddy to marry out of all those men?”

    Kids are such a source of laughter, aren’t the?

    The “depth of field” made me smile too. I need to learn to use my camera . . . better. I have a Nikon D40x with an alternate “big” lens. I have no idea the specs, FirstHusband picked it out for me after I explained that I wanted to get good closeup shots of FavoriteSon playing sports and of PinkGirl on stage. It’s working so far. I’m probably better than I think, because MOST of my shots come out “crisp.” FirstHusband had camera duty at PinkGirl’s basketball game and there were quite a few blurry photos. I love the “auto” setting.

  25. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE THESE PICTURES! ALL OF THEM! Thanks so much for showing us and sharing with us your wedding pictures! LOVE IT ALL! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  26. You look so pretty. I love this. I may have to do my own wedding day revisit (but then I’d have to show my face!). Great job on your friend’s wedding photos. I especially like the ones of the flower girls… precious.


    Will read your other post properly tomorrow – it is waaaayyy past my bedtime (11.34 pm here in South Africa)

    The fashions make me smile but your happiness just THRILLS me!

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