A Wii review and a "not so wee" Wii giveaway

I was recently sent the Wii game Bonsai Barber by to review on my blog.

The kids were all excited by the prospect of a new Wii game, and this one was no exception.

The instructions were easy to follow, and once I read the inital on-screen instructions to my 5 year old, he could easily snip and trim all the “clients” without a problem.

My daughters (11 and 9) could often be found “helping” their little brother, and thoroughly enjoying the fun, despite assuring me they were a bit to old for the game.

According to them all, the best part is snipping off a bit too much, and then being able to “spray” water, and watch the vegetation regrow before their eyes.  Painting was also a fun option. I most enjoyed the gong you were able to whack on completion of each customer.

So in summary, a fun game, easy to follow for younger kids, but all the family can enjoy together.

It is great for hand/eye co-ordination and the controls are very sensitive to movement.

The kids were happy to take turns, as each “cut” only takes a few minutes, so it was soon there turn again.

The only one in the family not too impressed by the game was our cat, George, who refused to participate, insisting on dozing on a near-by chair.

For a chance to win one of THREE copies of the game, follow the instructions below

– you MUST live in UK to have a chance of winning, and please state “I live in the UK” as part of your comment to be in with a chance of being selected.

– you must be able to be contacted by email or blog (if you have one)

– the prize will be delivered via your Wii code, so your Wii console must be able to be connected to the internet to receive the game.  It is not too complicated to do – even I managed it, and I can supply a link to step-by-step instructions if required.

– closing date will be Friday 27 November at 10pm, GMT.

Now I love all comments on my blog, and I hope my non-UK and non-Wii owning friends will still comment. 

So my question to ALL of you is – what is top of your Christmas list this year?

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  1. We don’t have a Wii; maybe next year when Mr. Blue will be able to start it up on his own. This year we are buying a DVD player for those long car trips. I think we’ll give it to them before we travel for Christmas!

  2. “I live in the UK”

    Top of my list is vey modest, I would lobve some new pyjamas and that my whole family get to be peaceful and happy.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  3. “I live in the UK”

    I love playing the wii such fun. I am already on the count down to Christmas. I love it! Top of MY Christmas list would be a new camera lens!!! (hinting at hubby but don’t hold out much luck!) When you ask the boys what they want I just get told “lots and lots and LOTS of presents. Oh and toys.” He is only 3. I love reading your blog.

  4. I’ve never even heard of this Wii game! But then again, I’m not into the Wii. My kids enjoy it, but I am video game challenged, to the say the least.

    And hey, missy … you’re going to be in Boston?? That’s only six hours away from me!

  5. i don’t live in the UK…hahaha!!
    that game looks interesting!! too bad i don’t live in the UK. anyway…as for my christmas list, i haven’t really thought about it. but i would love to have an extra SD card for my new camera and a new external harddrive for my computer. somehow i realized my ‘wants’ have changed…hahaha.

  6. The game looks fun! Um… Now no one’s
    going to be wanting to take their new found snipping skills and practice on anything LIVE I hope – haha! WII too have never used a WII and would be a total embarassment if we were challenged to play.

    Christmas list?

    1. A Pastor for our church
    2. To come visit YOU
    3. An i-phone
    4. An i-phone
    5. An i-phone!

    But what one wants and what one gets can sometimes be teo very different things…

    What is on YOUR list, my friend?

  7. I live in the UK and I have a Wii !

    I too would love an iPhone for Christmas but am just going to be happy with having Christmas with my new baby this year. Buying presents for kids is so much fun!

  8. I live in the UK and I have a Wii!

    I haven’t really thought what I want for Xmas yet as am on credit crunch and as long as the girls get their presents from Santa I will be happy.
    I’ve told my husband that a pair of slippers would suit me fine, that and peace and joy but he told me to think of something else.
    Hope you have a good Christmas
    Nadolig Llawen
    Bare Naked Mummy

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