Lessons Learned & what St Patrick was eating this year!

1. One of my kids DID learn about St Patrick in school this year – this was created by my 5 year old.

2. A friend (new to facebook, and trying to convince her she really does want to blog!) let me know about some special packaging for St Patrick’s Day in our local supermarket.

Nothing says celebrating the patron saint of Ireland like sour cream and chive!

Whilst there, I also spotted these, and could not resist buying them…..just to share with my bloggy readers of course! 

3. Having a friend from England over to stay, taking her to the North Coast, and sharing the sights as well as warm-ish sunny days was lovely. Having someone stay with you as their holiday makes you feel on holiday too!We packed lots in, and I will make a separate post of our weekend, but here are a few images to share for now.

4. I will however share a planned evening in a charming old inn (Bushmills Inn), with live traditional music including a harp and a fiddle.  It did not however turn into quite the pleasant evening we had hoped for.  We had just secured a lovely little snug with sofa and roaring peat fire when my phone rings. The babysitter rang to say our 5 year old had woken with croup and vomiting and is now really upset. My husband gallantly returned to the cottage to settle him, while our friend and I enjoyed our drinks and the music, but feeling very guilty.  We rang to see how things were going …. not well…..so our lovely babysitter turned into a taxi-driver and came to pick us up and bring us back. 

5. Be very thankful for lovely helpful neighbours who are also babysitters and a taxi drivers (see lesson 4 above). She has however been baby sitting for us for almost 4 years, and this is the first time any child has been ill, so hopefully she won’t be too put off!

6. Finally I was glad to learn that TK Maxx know their customers well. Outside one of their shops in Belfast there was considerable road works and building work in progress, but they had this sign displayed :-

“T K Maxx – We’re Still Open – Road works never stopped women shopping”

Seen any funny signs recently?

For more lessons learned, each week Jo-Lynne hosts What I Learned This Week.

11 thoughts on “Lessons Learned & what St Patrick was eating this year!”

  1. Southern Lady

    Love the St. Patrick’s food! I am so sorry that your special night was interrupted. My twelve year old had a stomach bug last week. Kids always want Mom when they are sick, no matter how old they are. I remember getting sick in college and calling my mom to get me. I hope your little one is much better now. Glad that you were still able to enjoy your friend’s visit.
    God Bless! Carla

  2. Creative Junkie

    Laughing over the Pringles holiday cheer but hey … we have a TJ Maxx and they must be the same thing because it’s the same font and everything! Wonder why you have a “K” and we have a “J”?

  3. We recently had a little history lesson on TJ Maxx at one of our club meetings and learned about yours being TK Maxx. Each month we have a door prize, the winner from the previous month binging it and there are some creative ways to win. This was one of them. We were to guess when the company started.
    Sorry about your evening being cut short. Gotta love a good baby sitter.
    I loved the photo of you gals sitting on the rocky shore.
    Mama Bear

  4. That’s funny, I was going to mention we have TJ Maxx here in USA, but everyone already said that. So sorry to hear your little one was ill – hope he’s better now! LOVE the seaside photos :).

  5. Caution Flag

    I’ve read thousands of literary references to a peat fire but I’ve never seen one. Do they have a distintive odor? They just sound so romantic!

    Hope the croup and vomiting are long gone now.

  6. hope to be sitting by that peat fire soon!! We burn peat in our fire place here because we love the smell – and yes we do import it from ireland –
    you made me laugh w/ that sign – so thanks for sharing it!!

  7. That’s a funny sign. I hope your little man is feeling better. It’s not fun to have them sick when you’re gone. 🙁 Sorry your evening plans got messed up.

  8. That is funny about the Pringles and the “TK Maxx” vs. our TJ Maxx (it’s the same lettering even.) We had a good St. Patrick’s Day here in Texas–the kids made sure we wore green so we wouldn’t get pinched, and I made corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage!

  9. Love that little bracelet! What a cute idea.

    (trying to leave a comment to test out your intense debate…where is it?)


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