Birthday Aftermath!

I had a lovely birthday since my last post, so let me share how it went.

My kids arrived into our room at 7am with armfuls of pink “Happy Birthday Mum” balloons, card and presents – including a new lens for my Canon, a necklace and cards.

Breakfast in bed was served – tea and toasted pancake with maple syrup.

A few balloons survived the kids, and I managed to get a few photos of them.

Birthday cake was served at 11 am, and was delicious.

My parents arrived for their “sleep over” with the kids, and following a few last minute instructions and best wishes, my husband and I headed on our way.

We drove to Derry/Londonderry for a late lunch, some shopping for me, and a child-free museum trip for my husband. We met up later and walked around the city walls to St Columb’s Church of Ireland cathedral (built in 1633). It was a fascinating place, and we had ample time to explore it and take plenty of photos.

If you are at all familiar with these well known hymns
“All things bright and beautiful”
“There is a green hill far away” and
“Once in Royal David’s City”
you may be interested to know that the writer of these 3 and many more hymns were composed/written by Cecil Frances Alexander, who was the wife of Bishop there.

One of the many stained glass windows in the cathedral celebrated these hymns.

We headed on to our hotel, The Radisson Roe, in Limavady.

Limavady is famous for being the town where the “Londonderry Air” also known as “Danny Boy” was first noted down by Jane Ross who heard it being played by a piper.

The hotel was lovely, the meal in Greens restaurant delicious, and the staff were excellent.

The following morning, after a substantial breakfast of an Ulster Fry (including potato bread and soda bread, but I gave the black pudding and white pudding a miss!) we left the Roe valley heading towards Binevenagh.

The scenery over the Roe Valley, the Foyle estuary with the Donegal hills in the background was stunning.

We then drove past Mussenden Temple, and stopped off for a little more shopping in Coleraine.

One last stop was in Portrush, and I love it when I come unexpectedly on an event, some sunshine and some photo opportunities. The event was the North West Pipe Band Championships and while I was there is appeared to be the junior sections competing. Here is a pic I thought my blog readers might enjoy.

We returned to some happy kids and tired grandparents and the table set for a birthday tea! Another birthday cake was produced, candles blown and too much eaten!

So that was my birthday. and I loved it all.

We are now back from the cottage, and counting the days until school starts next week. My son’s preschool teacher will be visiting tomorrow. The nursery school teachers like to meet the kids in their own environment. My son can’t wait for his “t-shirt” (his word for teacher) to come to his house. As she is a family friend, I am quite looking forward to it too.

I have a hospital procedure on Thursday (which I am NOT looking forward to!) and would appreciate your prayers.

Until the next time, take care.

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15 thoughts on “Birthday Aftermath!”

  1. CJ, the Purple Diva

    OH your birthday sounds so much fun! I wish I could be you for my birthday! You are so lucky!
    I love all the pictures!
    And I love those songs too! How neat you found that out!
    I will be praying for you!

  2. I agree with the previous blog comment, only I know its not LUCK – you’re blessed! I know how much you nurture and protect and do for your family J. Its so good to see it coming back! What FABULOUS photos etc – I devoured your journalling and pics from one end to the other.

    THANK YOU for sharing!!! I hope you enter the book drawI talked about on site too – I’d love for you to win!

    I’ll catch up with you soooon!


  3. What a lovely birthday you had!! Isn’t it nice to have wonderful days like that to place in memory to cherish for ever.

  4. What a wonderful birthday you had! Your family made it very special for you. I will be praying for your procedure!

  5. Irritable Mother

    What an absolutely WONDERFUL birthday!
    Hmmm, mine is next month. Maybe if I email my husband the link to these posts…tee hee!
    BTW – I love that your son is looking forward to meeting his t-shirt. That is priceless! You are writing that one down for memory’s sake, right??!!

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