iphone Friday

Welcome back to another iphone friday – where I share some of my iphone photos from the last week, and recommend an app or two to get the most from the amazing camera lurking inside your smart phone.

Saturday (day 12 of 365)

cleaning the bathroom was no excuse no to take an iphone pic or two

(I used the Diptic app – more about it in last week’s iphone friday post

Sunday (13/365)

We went out for lunch with friends in Victoria Square – this is the roof

Monday (14/365)

It was shopping trollies that caught my eye while doing the weekly shop

Tuesday (15/365)

I bought these flowers for a friend – a beautiful shade on a grey Northern Ireland day

Wednesday (16/365)

I spent the day working on some new products for www.janmarydesigns.com

Which one do you prefer? – postcard, birdie or camera?

It was a cold, wet day, as you can see from the view through my car window at school pick-up time

Thursday (17/365)

I had a meeting in Belfast, near the Albert Clock (our own Leaning Tower of Pisa!)

and it was still raining

Today – Friday (18/365)

This morning it was earrings being made

and currently the camera pair are proving most popular.

There has been a lot of snow in the UK, and today we are due to finally have some.

This was about 1pm

 and about 2pm

Nothing too dramatic yet but it is getting heavier and the kids in the street are excited!

My daughter has just walked home from school (I promise – I did offer to pick her up) and this was her icy blazer and scarf.

Iphone apps of the week

camera app AND editing app – Camera+

I discovered this app having watched Jack Hollingsworth online demonstrate it’s capabilities, and for a long time it was the only app I used.  There is a bit of a steep learning curve with it, but worth persevering with.

What I probably love most about the camera function is that you have the option of having separate control over the focus and exposure.

In the creative part of the app – where you can edit and add filters, I love the Clarity option for an instant boost (although it is all or nothing – you can’t vary the strength) and also the Contessa effect – which can be added with varying degrees of intensity.

It is one of the slower apps on my phone, but worth the wait!

I’ve received some great encouraging feedback on this new weekly series. If you want to join in, and share a few of your iphone pics on a Friday I would  love you to use this badge and link up.

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  1. Brilliant, love the photos. D’you know I’ve had this old thing a couple of years now and never once thought of using a camera app, I’ve just been plodding along with the old pre-installed bog standard but I’ve been having a wee play with a lomo app this evening, downloaded another bells and whistles app but have a feeling it’ll take an hour or so of “mummy what you doing” free time to get my head round it:)

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