An early birthday, with a Mickey theme

My son is a huge fan of “M-I-C-K-E-Y…..M-O-U-S-E!” – are you singing along?

We needed to have an early party so we could have fully parental attendance, and the date was set for my son’s 5th birthday party.

So I made some Mickey invites, we had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake, and (due to a technical oversight on my part) he did NOT wear his Mickey t-shirt, but wore his Donald Duck top to the party.

He invited 9 friends, 7 from his class, a friend from another class and a friend from our church. As he has only been in school for 3 weeks, it was a great chance to meet some of the kids and their parents.

We chose to book a new local soft-play place for the party – a great decision. I will pretend that this blurry action shot was deliberate, and I was being artistic!

Everyone happy, all played out, loved the food, and in no time at all the parents were collecting them.

A success all round!After the party there was a bit of a frenzy as presents were opened.

Batteries needed to be inserted and small parts assembled – not necessarily by my son!
That is my party round up for now – only 2 more kids in our house to have birthdays before Christmas.

Hope your weekend has been a success too – what have YOU been up to?

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  1. Wow, that was a wonderful theme party you arranged for your son, JanMary. You have artistic talent, so I guess it comes in useful at times like this. I can’t stop looking at your little lad. He’s a lovely child. This was supposed to be a holiday weekend here in India, but we have two old people in the house not in the best of health so it wasn’t much fun really. I’ll have to call Domino’s pizza or do something at least to cheer the kids up, I’m thinking. All the best!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time!!!

    …stopping by from SITS…

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

  3. happy birthday to your son!! my daughter will be turning 5 too this tuesday!! well, i hope he enjoyed his party with all his friends.

  4. Happy Birthday little man. And that’s the bit of Chloe’s birthday that my husband looks forward to the most, getting to put the batteries in and “test” the toys, just to make sure they’re suitable of course.

  5. Well, Donald is Mickey’s pal, right? So I can see why he picked a Donald shirt. Looks like fun; good job on the themed party.

  6. What a fun birthday! :o)

    We’ve been settling in to our new place… ugh! I look forward to being “settled”, hopefully soon!

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