Summer Days in Cape Cod

We are having a wonderful time here in Cape Cod. Despite holidaying in our cottage near the beach in Northern Ireland we aren’t used to sunbathing in such heat and swimming in such warm waters.

Most days we have visited a different beach and spent the morning there.  We haven’t found one we don’t like yet!

We have done some shopping too – Trader Joes and Lamberts for food, Cape Cod Mall has Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and Aeropostle, and discovered Pier 1 Imports, the Christmas Tree Shop as well as craft shops and bead shops.

We have ate out most evenings, and are sampling the ice-cream delights of Cape Cod by visiting a different ice-cream shop every night.  The Sundae School is probably top, not just for it’s name, but also it’s hot fudge sauce. 

This is the harbour in Hyannis a few evenings ago.

We have enjoyed shopping on Main Street, Hyannis and driving along Route 6a. Tomorrow SOME of us are going whale watching, but a couple of us plan to stay on dry land!

This evening we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset, and some slightly cooler and less humid weather.

More updates coming soon, but in the meantime, have you and recommendations of things to do/stores to shop/things to avoid? Please share.

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  1. looks like you guys are enjoying the beaches – perfect weather for it –
    I bet the kids are having a blast –
    hope you are one of the ones going whale watching – imagine the photos you can get from that boat trip!!!
    keep on having fun –

  2. I cannot believe you’ve been in America less than a week and have already been to Trader Joe’s. I’ve been here 43 years and have yet to go to one!

  3. Ohhh lala, looks like you are all getting some colour in the sun too. Your vacation sounds like ours just was, a complete rest from all the usual home stuff and one cannot beat a good beach. We too make a pilgrimage to the beach daily.

    Ah, ice cream – I buy a huge tub of vanilla but then we dress it up in a gazillion ways. I personally like sweet & salty combos – my own lately is topping the ice cream with bridge mixture and hickory smoked almonds.

    I have never been to a Trader Joes and it is a “to do” on my future wish list.

    Thx for sharing your adventures, always fun and entertaining and, well, interesting actually!

    Love, Barb

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