The Hostess with the Mostess – welcome to Massachussets

Have you ever been met off a long and slightly turbulent flight (with 3 tired kids and some slightly stressed adults) by the loveliest warm welcome and freshly homebaked cookies, fresh fruit, cartons of juice and the keys to her holiday house? And we had never met before? Welcome to the world of house swapping / home exchange!

This is our home from home for the next 10 days – a traditional cape cod house.

We are delighting in the little things that Americans take for granted – screens on the doors and windows, a of course a basement!

Our house swap hostess is also an interior designer, so I will share some indoor photos later in the week.

The flight was a little bumpy near the end … it was one of those flights when all the passengers applauded when we landed!  Individual screens with movies and games were wonderful, so I managed to enterntain our 5 year old with those and the occasional surprise from my bag including – dinasaours, light up car, magna man, tin box and assorted plastic sea creatures.  My husband perhaps had the shorter straw with our 2 older daughters who did not enjoy the journey so much, and all 3 were glad to finally disembark from the plane. 

Jet lag is no fun and our body clocks are all over the place – but the breakfast this morning almost made up for it – pancakes, maple syrup, bacon and eggs “over easy”. Our waitress was from Cork and was just as delighted to hear our accents as we were with the food. 

We found our way to Trader Joes and the Christmas Tree Shop. Definitely returning to both.

We ate lunch here in the back garden yard and the kids cooled off in the outdoor shower.

The heat and tiredness  took it’s toll, and we had a quiet afternoon, dozing with the aid of fans.

This evening we followed Route 28 (with a few detours) to Chatham and with NO help from our Sat Nav we found the Chatham Light House and beach.

Like mother like daughter – she may have caught the photography bug!

Dinner was pizza slices and cesear salad in Chatham followed by delicious ice-cream in the Sundae School – delicious!

So home again, catching up on some blogging and planning what to do or NOT to do in the next few days – but if our kids get their way there will be some beach, some shopping and lots more ice-cream.

Take care until my next “letter” from the Cape.

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  1. so glad you made it safe and sound!! The pancake story made me laugh. Thinkin of you today as we made the 8hour drive back from tennessee home – and great it is to meet blog friends – we just met another blog friend for dinner in tenn, and they were great also!!! Looking forward to hearing more of your trip and pictures – relax and enjoy
    wish you were in florida though

  2. So glad you had a safe trip to the US. I hope you enjoy your visit! Have fun! Carla

  3. hi janmary!! i am so intrigued with this whole home swap thing… i find it really amazing!! if somewhere along the way i intend to do it…is it ok to ask you how this is done..?
    i hope you enjoy your vacation!

  4. You’re in the US!?! That’s wonderful the house swap thing is working for you. I love the east coast. You can drive to so many different states in just a few short hours.

  5. This is fabulous, JM – so glad you made it safe and sound. I believe you are really in the states and not Spain *snort* and eating hotcakes and ice cream too. Its hard travelling with children but it sounds like you have things under control.

    It’s hot there, and hot HERE – our little town took the hottest in BC spot today but as our hot water tank got replaced at least I could luxurate in a nice hot bath. Even though its hot here. It was the principal that I could have one.

    I look forward to following you on your “American Adventure” and I look forward to seeing not only your own photos but that of your dd.

    ♥ Barb

  6. I welcome to Massachusetts, a womderful and lovely state! I hope you will be able to see many of the historic and cultural highlights while you’re here.

  7. Oh man how I wish I was where you are! Are you traveling anywhere near Colorado on your trip?

  8. We just returned from our annual trip to the Cape. Hope you enjoy it. Make usr eto eat some lobsters – we ate our fill!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

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