All aboard for fish and chips!

Have you ever wanted to escape your 9-5 life, and set sail around Britain and UK while home-schooling your kids?

No? – me neither, but I have a friend who has done just that! That is, they have taken the kids out of school and home-schooled them while sailing for 3 months at a time, twice in the past two years.

As they were going to be staying a night in Ballycastle harbour, we planned to meet up, catch up and there is a great wee fish and chip shop right at the harbour.

It was fascinating for us “land lubbers” to see around below deck – 3 bedrooms cabins, a vertical fridge, a tiny oven (in which Hazel has been known to bake bread, brownies and buns)  and lots of little clever storage places everywhere.

Our son was especially fascinated by the controls, the cabins and playing with their youngest son who is of a similar age and enthusiasm for life 🙂

We really enjoyed our visit, but as the majority of our family suffer from sea-sickness at even the slightest swell, it was as well we stayed firmly anchored in the harbour.

Have you ever had a dream to do something similar? Do share!

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  1. I have always wanted to do just such a thing. But, my kids are grown now and we never did do that…

  2. what an amazing family – how wonderful to be able to take off and do that – I bet the children will never forget what they have seen –
    I get really sea sick too so I would have stayed ashore also!!! But I do love Fish and chips!!!
    I think I may get “cabin” fever if I were on that boat for too long!

  3. What a wonderful experience for those kids. I’m sure it will be a time in their lives they will never forget! How fun.

  4. No, I never ever had a dream to do something similar – but it sounds very special – and sure it is a great adventure for the children – learning life

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