Evening on the East Strand, Portrush

When the sun shines, and the temperature rises just a wee bit, it  really is quite a lovely place to be.

On Sunday evening, we headed over to “the Port” (Portrush) for an icecream and a walk on the beach.

The East Strand, also called Curran Strand, is stunning, and even on a warm evening is virtually empty.

The last blog post in which I included some paddling in the sea photos, I was asked “Is the water not FREEZING?” – Answer – yes! But they don’t seem to mind TOO much, and certainly I have memories of paddling in the same water almost 40 year ago. After a while your feet go numb and it doesn’t hurt so much!

Sometimes I encourage the kids to jump for photos:

but our youngest still has some timing issues

All good things must eventually come to an end……

However, on evenings like this, I too wish we could stay forever.

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  1. oh how lovely!!! I’d want to stay longer too!! Love the shots of your daughter jumping !!! perfect –
    but that water still looks really really cold.

  2. Hi JM – your long lost friend here haha! Been in my own little world for a while now. Pls forgive me. My loss! Got projects on the go!

    Your photos are lovely as always – you soak up the best of the moments through your photography. I’m so glad you share. And as for the water being cold? Kids are impervious. Its like when they run around without jackets or wear light clothing that would set us to shivering up a storm.


  3. Beautiful post and pictures! I really enjoyed it! Following you on facebook! Amazing jewelry too!!! Thank you ever so much for visiting JFJ, hope you stop in again sometime.

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Of course you wanted to stay longer. It’s lovely.

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