Faces of St Patrick today in Belfast

I want to share a photo of my son in the garden on St Patrick’s Day. There are definitely some irish eyes smiling with this red hair and fair complexion.

I went to the parade/carnival in Belfast yesterday, and there was a great family atmosphere. As you can imagine I took lots of photos, so I will share them with you over the coming days.

I have decided not to post the faces of the many kids in the parade, so here are a few of the more colourful adults taking part. I wonder what Saint Patrick would have made of it all?!

So what did you do (if anything) to celebrate the day?

Be sure to share it in the comments of the St Patrick’s Day Blogging Carnival post, or if you have something about it on your blog, then add it to the Mr Linky there too.

There are lots of lovely prizes to be won.

The closing date is Saturday 21st, so still plenty of time.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Fantastic photos. There are a few vids up on you tube and it looks like a great day. I may venture into Belfast next year.

    As far as I’m concerned we’ve seen the zoo now so I don’t have to back again until flossy can push me in a stroller.

  2. Great pictures. I love all those painted faces. My sister and brother both have hair the color of your son’s. My grandfather had it too back before his turned white. I take after my father and am a brunnette.

  3. How precious is your boy!?

    I had hoped at least one of mine would have red hair. Nope. Not a one.

    Your pictures make me all the more eager to go to Ireland someday! You captured the colors of the day beautifully, I think!

  4. What colorful, wonderful pictures. We didn’t do anything yesterday as my husband had to go to a baseball game and a soccer game (he is the athletic trainer at our local high school). Fortunately no injuries! We are pretty sure my husband’s family is Irish although they could only trace back 6 generations in the same county in North Carolina. We will be having an Irish dinner on Saturday when all the family will be home.

  5. He’s a cutie. Love all the colors of the parade. Our day started off great the ended with a visit to the ER. My 3 y.o. got 3 stitches. It’s a St. Paddy’s Day for the books!

  6. Seriously, your little guy is just too adorable!! It looks like the parade in Belfast was a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing more of the festivities! πŸ™‚ And thanks for the well wishes. I had a rough night last night – Abbey and I slept through most of the afternoon and evening – so no green milk or mashed potatoes. πŸ™ Thankfully though, we’re both on the mend today!

  7. Your son really does look like an Irish lad! He is such a handsome little guy!! What fun photos of the parade! We don’t have anything like that going on here. I would’ve definitely gone if we had…

  8. Great photo of your sweet son! Sounds like you had an exciting day with celebrating and the parade and all. Fab pictures!

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