WFMW – very easy kids craft for Mother’s Day

Here in N Ireland it will be Mothers Day on Sunday.

At our Toddler Group today, our very talented leader did a great fun craft with the kids, so I thought it was worthy of a 2nd post in one day.


  • a small glass (we bought packs of 4 for 80p in Ikea)
  • stickers, ribbon, bows, any other bits and pieces you can find!
  • pretend flowers
  • a small piece of card with “With love on Mother’s Day) printed on it
  • a tea-light candle

The kids loved decorating the glasses, and the mums did not seem to mind having to help assemble their own gifts. As one mum said to me, well if this is sitting on the mantle piece at home, it will help my husband remember that it is Mother’s Day!

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See you tomorrow

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  1. Ha, she has a good point. Every time I remind the husband that Mother’s day is coming up he asks me to remind him when Father’s day is. Clever git.

  2. Cute! Thank you for the Mother’s Day reminder! (I know that wasn’t the point, but it worked none the less!) I have no problem remembering American Mother’s Day, but we get no reminder on this side of the pond that it is coming up over there!

  3. Isn’t Ikea just the best place. We made something similar in Children’s Church last summer (using the little glass votive holders from Ikea) and all the mums loved it.

  4. What a great idea, I will put it in the memory bank, something for me and C.J. to do for Moni when we have our Mother’s Day in May.

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