A Wall Hanging and St Patrick’s Day hats

At the beginning of this month I posted a close up photo of a table runner I purchased at a Christmas Market. I always had intended to turn it into a wall hanging, and here we are – exhibit A!

It is made up of lots of different fabrics, many with embroidery and sequins. My husband is not quite convinced about it, but I love it and I hope it will grow on him.

For more Show and Tell, visit There’s No Place Like Home.

Back to the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Belfast and more photos as promised.

I noticed a vast number of novelty hats and here are a selection.

The silly

The Irish cowboy?

And the Irish Red Indian?

More silliness

And a bit of sparkle

A hat for drinking coffee

Less is more!

Some skipped the hats, and coloured their hair.

And on St Patrick’s Day even the Goths wore green!

That’s your lot for today.

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Take care.

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  1. wwooow great photos and I love them…It is nice to see so many people and things.


  2. Ha ha, the pictures are even better with your commentary! 🙂 I love the “wee” hats and well done to the Goths for going green! And the wall hanging is so pretty and perfect for that area! Thanks for showing us the whole thing!

  3. Oh, I hope it grows on him too! I LOVE it!

    And the pictures, I just love seeing what the real Irish celebrate St. Patty’s day! Awesome pictures again!

  4. Oh, the runner on the wall is so nice! Hope your husband starts to like it too.

    Thanks for showing all the funny hats from the parade. I love the little green hat on the headband, such a clever idea!

  5. Amazing work of art hanging on the wall!!! That is a treasure to hold.

    And the hats? Love ’em. But I’m Irish, so that explains that. The green hair isn’t bad, either. LOL

    My show n tell is all about afghans this week. Do stop by if you get a chance. Happy Friday.

  6. That looks beautiful on the wall, JanMary!

    I just get a kick out of seeing all your Ireland photos. It still knocks my socks off to think that you’re way the heck over there and I’m way the heck over here and we “talk” like this.

  7. Great job on the wall hanging, I’m sure it will grow on hubby!
    How much fun the carnival must have been, everyone looks great wearing their hats and a big hats off to the Goths for joining in!!

  8. More great photos. UTV should pay you to cover all the festivals and carnivals, your photos really do them justice (have you seen some of the dodgy footage on youtube).

    And I really hope the wall hanging grows on him, its just perfect hanging there.

  9. I was surprized to still see “the Goths” I thought they were only a fad from when my kids were teens.
    I like your wall hanging.

  10. I think the wall hanging works! Love it. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings, Jax in Alaska

  11. You’ve totally got me laughing here!! I’m so glad that St. Patrick’s day got the Goths to wear green too!! Love it!!!

  12. I like the table runner hung on the wall. That is something I had never thought of. I have a section of wall that has nothing on it that a table runner would hang long ways on it. Now I will be looking as I bargain shop to see if there is anything I like to copy you.

  13. I love the wall hanging! Enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day festive hats and all:)

    I thought about you this week with all the green!:)

    Happy Friday!
    Please stop in if you have time and meet my new little granddaughter:)

    Linda C

  14. Your wall hanging is lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I also enjoyed all the St Patrick’s Day photos. Looked like fun! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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