When Irish Eyes Are Smiling……

In this week when we have all been celebrating St Patrick’s Day I have this layout to share with you.

The digital scrapbooking kit I used is by Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers Designs and is called Wearin’ O’ The Green.

If you want to win one of 3 copies of this kit, leave a comment HERE on my St Patrick’s Day Blogging Carnival. Entries close at midnight on Saturday 21 March, and after I announce the winners I promise not to mention St Patrick for at least another 11 months or so!

The lovely spring weather has continued, and I took a few photos in the garden this afternoon.

It is Mothers Day here this Sunday, so I am looking forward to spending it my kids and husband as well as my Mum and Dad.

Let me know what you are doing this weekend.

For those who visit and never comment (I know who you are!!! – well some of you anyone) why not surprise me by commenting this time?

Take Care.

8 thoughts on “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling……”

  1. What a handsome little man you have! Those eyes are just beautiful. 🙂 I really like the top photo, those red tones in the pic are awesome!

  2. Great close-ups, the colors in the first one are so beautiful!
    No plans at all for the weekend. Maybe there will be some shopping for food and gym clothes.

  3. bentonflocke

    No suprise, because I give suprise on all my stops!

    Great shots from your garden with wonderful colours! Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful mother day.

    We have nothing special planned!

  4. After last night and today spent in A&E with my eldest this Mothers Day weekend will be very relaxed. I hope!

    I love the layout. I have really enjoyed the St Patricks Carnival and getting the chance to read everyones blogs.

    Thanks for organising it. What next!

  5. Yes, his little face melts one!

    I’m hoping your Mother’s Day is very meaningful and special! Can you send a bit’o’spring this way too, please? At least the ice on the lake seems to be slowly melting!

  6. CJ, the Purple Diva

    WOW, Mother’s Day this weekend for you! Happy Mother’s day!

    I love all of your pictures. Your son is adorable!

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