Snow Angels and Feathered Friends

Although it was lovely getting the kids and the house back to “normal” routine after the Christmas holidays, we only had a couple of days to get used to it.

Northern Ireland has been experiencing it’s worst winter in years, and snow which normally never lasts on the ground for more than an hour or two has been here for weeks.  Yesterday there was another (heavy for us) snow fall.

Much to my two younger kids delight, their school has been closed for 2 days so the heating can be fixed. My daughter and her friends want to save the note from the school informing parents of the closure – saying it is the best note EVER!

Unfortunately there big sister has to continue to attend school, and the younger two have been practicising pretending to be not TOO happy!

The two NOT going to school

And the one who IS going to school!

Here they are enjoying the snow yesterday.

And it is hard to beat making Snow Angels


George, the cat, was unimpressed by the chilly conditions, especially when he got snow on his whiskers and he held a paw delicately aloft whenever possible!


This morning my son and I made up a feast of nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc for the birds, and with George safely snoozing inside, a number of birds soon joined the party we left for them. 
Taking photos was tricky with a not-so-quiet 5 year old beside me,

but here are a few we spotted.

You will notice I have included 2 pics of the robin – I love robins!
So my winter home tip – get out if you can, have fun in the snow, don’t forget to feed your feathered friends and of course, remember your camera!
For more Winter Home Tips visit The Inspired Room

I must say I have enjoyed this unexpected time with the younger kids at home despite having had only a few days of “normality”.

So what about you? Is your house/life/routine back to normal?

This week I am hooked on and inspired by snow angels, and bird watching in our own back garden.

What about you? What has made you smile this week?

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  1. What’s making me smile now is Harley–he’s kneading on my neck and purring rather loudly! He’s snuggling.

    No, I’m not into the “routine of things” yet and I need to since I start teaching next week! YIKES!

    Wonderful photos of your lovely children, the cat, and all the birds!

    Have a good one!

  2. We seem to be having the worst winter here too on the east coast of the states. I love the shots of the kids in the snow – so crisp.

  3. I love the pictures of the kids who did/didn’t go to school… Adorable 😉

  4. We’ve gotten back to normal around our house finally! Lovely snow pictures. I think we too will have a snowier than usual winter…

  5. Great pics! Your kids are so adorable! Snow makes wonderful photos but I am very thankful to be in sunny Calif!
    Thanx for choosing me in your Nativity Contest, I am looking forward to my “wee” prize!

  6. I saw a global forcast and was totally thinking about you… it was talking about how much snow you are experiencing and how un-normal it is! Sorry girl!

    I LOVE the snow pics of the kids… AMAZING! It aint easy to get a good shot with the ultra white glare of the snow throwing off your white balance… you did beautifully!!


  7. I LOVE the pictures! So beautiful. (and funny) I’ve never seen a robin before (can you believe it?)

    My favorite is the tufted titmouse – especially the fat ones. We get LOTS of those and cardinals.

  8. We have lots of snow here in NW Indiana too. About 16 inches on the ground and 10 more expected today. My kids have another snow day today.
    I can’t believe your cat would go out in the snow. How funny! Great pictures!

  9. Beautiful pictures. I love the series of the kids staying home and going to school. They seem to be good sports about taking tons of pictures. I’m still working on getting my kids to look at the camera. Stay warm!

  10. snow angels are so wonderful – for me a great childhood memory

    love your winter-wonderland-pictures

  11. Well, if back to normal you mean we have subzero windchill and 20+ inches of snow on the ground and our kids NEVER get a snow day … yep, it’s back to normal!

  12. We have been getting lots of snow here in Michigan (but luckily not as much as other states). Looks like your kids are enjoying the snow. I love to birdwatch. We have a cardinal couple who lives in our yard. They are so pretty.

  13. My kid would love winter for only one reason – no school. Over here we have no reason at all to close schools as the worse calamity we get is a thunder storm. And you can get to school with an umbrella. Poor kids here. Lovely shots of the snow angels

  14. I really enjoyed the pictures. With the snow we haven’t gotten back to our regular routine either. At any age snow angels are always fun to make!

  15. Awesome pics!! So beautiful. We don’t get snow, desert country and all that,…. but it looks like so much fun. Cold gun,…

    What made me smile this week? Ah, so many things,.. can’t single out one,..


  16. I love robins too, they are my favourite garden bird; we have 2 beauties which feed from the feeder just outside my kitchen window. Lovely photos of the children, always a pleasure to see children enjoying themselves, even if they do have a sulky moment!!

    CJ xx

  17. Beautiful pictures. My first thought upon seeing the picture of the robin on the fence was “I’d buy that picture in a heartbeat”. Have you ever sold your pictures as artwork? If not, I think that you should consider doing so. You have a wonderful “eye” for your subjects in your photos. If you ever start selling your pictures, I will be your first buyer!!!

  18. Hi JM!

    LOVE the robin pics – may I use one as a reference for a digital painting, please? Your setup of each picture is perfect.

    LOL – now not only children enjoy the unexpected day off, for I can remember when I had a “real job” and how occaisionally when we were granted a day off – well it was sheer heaven. I love that you did some fun, quality family things with your children. This day will be a jewel in their memories.

    Thanks for allowing us to play in the snow. I hate to tell you this but we are just now experiencing an unseasonably mild week – all our snow is melting away and it feels positively balmy out there. What a crazy mixed up year already.

    Hope you have more fun in the snow. I came across this recipe you might try with your children – that is if you trust the snow:

    This is a nineteenth century recipe.

    Snow Ice Cream

    1 cup heavy cream
    1/4 cup superfine sugar
    2 teaspoons lemon extract or two tablespoons rosewater
    8 to 10 cups fresh, clean snow

    Mix the cream, sugar, and lemon extract or rosewater. Add the snow, beating with a whisk, using only enough to make a stiff ice cream.

    Serve immediately.

    Serves 8

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