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18 thoughts on “Wet, wet, wet”

  1. But its a great photo of your car – which is very clean and repells the rain. Yes, its raining. And there’s greenery in the background. Truly, you should take STOCK photos, JanMary, these all have a very clear message!

    Love watching your 365 journey!

  2. its odd seeing a picture of our car on line whilst in southampton airport. Did you clean that bit before the photograph or is it just the rain?


  3. MichelesDigiDesign

    Wow….great photo….I never would have guessed it was your car….but definitely rainy!

  4. oooohhhh….I love the water beads on your car! Very cool! I’ll have to remember to take photos of that someday (if we get rain again this year!) LOL! Gorgeous photo!

  5. Jennifer (Jennilyn)

    Oh I wish we just had wet wet wet here! I am so sick of the snow! Love the red car!

  6. Neat picture!! I didn’t realize (for whatever reason) that you were in N. Ireland. We are in the US, but our hope is to visit Ireland sometime soon!! Just have to save up the $$$$ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Lovely photo. It makes the rain something nice to look at. It’s no brighter today. I can’t see my garden gate this morning.

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