Sunrise 9am

The view over the playing fields after I left the kids to school this morning.

For those commentors yesterday speculating my husband was purchasing a gift for me on his laptop yesterday ………it was his tax form for the Inland Revenue!

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  1. This is one of my favorite ways to use my camera. So much easier in the winter months to capture a good sunrise and sunset as you don’t have to get up so earlier or wait so late at night

  2. Beautiful pic. Oh, and I feel your husband’s pain. That is me right now, pulling together tax info. I’ve taken over the dining table at the moment.

  3. Breathtaking! That view was really at 9AM? That’s what time the sun comes up? I think I would have died and gone to heaven! What time does it get dark there?
    Our sunrise today was about 7:23 AM and our sunset was at 5:59 PM.

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