Our House Swap Day 2 :Clifden and pony trekking on the beach, Galway

We woke up to another bright and breezy day, packed up a picnic, and headed west, past Galway city and into Conemara. The countryside was rugged and beautiful.

We stopped at a beach near Ballyconneely for our picnic lunch, and explored the beach.

The sand is a beautiful colour, but not as soft and fine as you might expect – it is made up of coarse coral.

We drove on and on, then on some more, until we finally reached The Point – our pony trekking desitanation.

Fortunately both our family and the french family also in our group were all beginners. The 3 youngest kids were led, and the rest of us managed to hold on while our ponies walked us down along some beautiful beaches.

Pictures not great as all taken by me from atop a horse, using my daughter’s point and shoot camera while jiggling along on top of my pony! I did my best!!!

To the disappointment of some, there were no galloping through the crashing waves, just a gentle stroll.

I think we will all have discovered muscles and aches tomorrow in parts of our bodies we never knew we had!

Later in the afternoon, we returned to Clifden for coffee and a wander round the shops. Among the tacky souvenir shops there were a few lovely boutiques with some more unusual items, and there were lots of pubs and restaurants.

On the journey home we continued to listen to the audiobook “Shadow” by Michael Mopurgo which, along with more stunning scenery, passed the 2 hour drive back to the house swap home.

Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, but they will definitely involve less driving!

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  1. ahhh
    looks wonderful –
    wish I were here –
    the pony rides on the beach look like so much fun! I bet the kid’s loved it
    glad you had a great weekend –
    I am playing hookie from work today and so is B
    off to find some adventure

  2. Beautiful. I was in Galway and did a bus trip around Connemara in August of ’09. We had a kind of wacky bus driver who took us to a few places that were off the beaten track.
    We also visited Kinsale while we were in Ireland and it was one of my very favorite places ever. I love Galway also.

  3. OMG this landscape is really beautiful and it seems you´ll have fantastic days there!

  4. I am thoroughly jealous, JanMary … I don’t even want to know how much fun you’re having.

    I want to house swap!

  5. JUST what I needed, a pony ride, oceanside, without having to get a sore backside 😉 I LOVE reading about your house-swaps. What a splendid thing to do. Wish we owned so we could do this too.

    I liked how you showed us how the sand was, the foliage etc. Really got a good sense of being there, and the shadow picture was clever.

    Sorry its been a few days getting back on track after the long weekend. Hope your week is going well.

    ♥ Barb

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