Life is hectic!

This is turning out to be a very busy week, but mostly self-inflicted, so only myself to blame.

I will start by sharing my pic for today, my son (again!) which I took for the first module of the online photography course. Today is the deadline for our first submissions.

Here are the two other photos I submitted – both of my eldest daughter.

We awoke to snow this morning, but it has all melted already, much to the kids disappointment. At what age is it that you change from being excited by snow, to disliking it. I love how beautiful the snow can make things, but hate the slippy roads and pavements.

Have you discovered Spotify yet? You can listen free on-line to whole albums of your favourite artists, with the occasional advertisment. It is really easy to sign-up to.

Take care until tomorrow – more pics and some more news on prizes for my St Patricks Day carnival. Remember if you blog about it, or add the button, be sure to leave a comment in this post to have a chance of winning that little irish linen bag.
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  1. What a truly great picture of your son! I love the eyes and the smile. You really captured him here!

  2. Great picture of your son! Yes life can sure be hectic and I usually do it to myself by getting to many things on my schedule.

  3. Your photos are always gorgeous, and it’s not just because you have really cute kids either. Somehow you take a photograph, not just a picture. I’d like to learn how to do that too! 🙂 I hope you’ll have a restful weekend, getting a chance to recover from a busy week! I know I’m looking forward to one too! 🙂

  4. I guess the excitement changes to horror when you start having to drive in it 🙂 Love all 3 photos!

  5. Love the photos. It only snowed here for about 30mins, but that was some big ass snow. Biggest I’ve ever seen, some of the flakes coming down covered the palm of my hand.

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