Don’t make me laugh….

My husband’s frequent refrain at the moment is “ouch……don’t make me laugh…..ouch”. Often though, it is in fact he who has said something he thought funny, so he is making himself laugh!

He is still in quite a lot of pain, and I am still not a very good nurse.

My photo for today is the ribbon on the beautiful bouquet of flowers I was presented with last night after my presentation to the ladies at our church.

Apparently it went really well – I don’t remember much as we had more than a few technical issues.

They say never work with children and animals…..I wish to add data projectors to that list!

Fortunately a technically minded friend had offered to come down and set everything up, but we were defeated – we could not get the first data projector to work, and the other was being used by the Church Council in another room.

We then tried to plug in my laptop to do the presentation in the main church – but it did not co-operate. We tried a second laptop, and finally a third, and finally got at least the power-piont part of my talk up and running. So we had the unlikely scenario of me giving a talk, with the radio microphone, seated at the back of the church with a different laptop and my external hard drive, to a group of 50 or so ladies who were seated at the front!

For the other part of my presentation, I HAD planned to demostrate the art of digital scrapping using photoshop elements on my laptop, and the ladies seeing it on the screen. We moved back to our meeting room from the main church, hoping and praying that by now we would have the second data projector, and my laptop happily cop-operating. It was not to be.

Another change of plan, and using the various printed layouts, cards and hybrid items I explained as best I could how it all worked. Finally, the nightmare was over and I was finished. There were a few relevant questions, and I could sit down.

I did give a small demonstration to a group of 6 – 10 ladies while the tea and coffee were being served.

Everyone assured me it was a great success despite the technical glitches, and I am so grateful to Sam (technical support) and Joanne (she has a blog here – a new digi-scrapper and blogger) for her calming presence in the face of adversity!

I had hoped to take a few photos of the night, but I am sure you will understand that getting out a camera in the midst of everything else was not a priority. You will just have to use your imagination.

Several links to share before I go.

My lovely friend Mrs Miles has an irish digi-scrapping goodie on her blog, in honour of my St Patricks Day Bloggy Carnival – please check it out, and say “hi”.

Shabby Princess (the Queen of amazing digital scrapbooking freebies) has a wonderful new kit HERE – so go get it, NOW!

With everything else going on I did not get a new WFMW post up, but fortunately for me, today we could link back to one of our best tips from the archives as it is Greatest Tips/Hits Edition!. Mine is ideas for keeping small kids entertained on long journeys, and you can find it HERE. IF you are waiting for my chicken and vegetable soup recipe I hope you can wait another week!

Remember Works for Me Wednesdays now has a new home at We Are That Family.

Phew – that’s me finished for today. For those who requested interviews from me after this post, I will be contacting you soon.

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  1. Oh my! Despite the technical glitches, it sounds like you handled it SO well and just went with the flow. Bravo!!!

  2. Beautiful bow! I’m sure you did excellent, despite the glitches. Don’t be hard on yourself!

  3. It sounds like Murphy was there with you. It sounds like it still went very well though and I’m sure you’re a better nurse than you think.

  4. As they say the best laid plans sometimes just don’t work out. Been there done that way to many times, I’m sure it all was wonderful.

  5. Been there, done that. I am suppose to the technical person at my school so imagine my embarrassment when I couldn’t get things to work. Though I am sure that people did enjoy your talk and you will get some coverts to digi from it. Love your photos they are beautiful.

  6. Nothing like ad-libbing. Sounds like it went really well. So glad for you despite the technical snafus. Thanks for the link to the digi kit. So cute!

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