Yesterday was our appointed day to visit Paris …. the kids loved it….. and the highlight for them was definitely the Eiffel Tower.

We managed the train and the underground, but took the hop-on/hop-off boat to get around between the major sights.

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Usually when we visit a city I love to explore the quiet back streets, off the beaten track etc, however with just one day, and 3 kids keen to see the major attractions, it was go,go go! Quite different to our last visit to Paris for my husband’s 4oth (without kids!). You can read about some of that trip HERE and HERE

Highlights included the hot dog my son ordered for lunch in a wee cafe behind Notre Dame – it was HUGE

We wandered around the outside of the Notre Dame cathedral, but long queue (and 3 impatient kids) dissuaded us from visiting inside this time.

My son asked me “Mum, why are you crazy about old buildings, and taking photos of them?” I responded that we all like different things, and I don’t really understand his fascination with dinosaurs. His response “But dinosaurs are interesting!!!!”

The Louvre pyramid and fountains – incredible queues soon convinced my daughters that perhaps they could live without seeing the Mona Lisa this holiday.

This is the view through a window of part of the interior – as close as we got on this trip!

The Eiffel tower.

There were MANY opportunities to purchase mini Eiffel towers

About 10 minutes after purchasing this one, my son changed his mind about it, and wished he had chosen a practically identical different one, and despite his protests I declined to sell it to a passing tourist and buy him his second choice. He may forgive me one day ….. but not just yet!

A few more photos from our day

And literally some street photography from Paris (my obsession with floors, streets and roads continues)

I must say as parents we found it a bit stressful keeping track of everyone, and our bags, as it was crowded and hectic. We thought it would be a relief to get back to the Gare de Nord, but actually that was the worst part of the day – we wandered around for at least 30 minutes trying to find the correct part of the station and the right platform. We still had time to spare, but never so glad to see our train, and get everyone safely installed for the 90 minute train ride back to Laon.

So, while not the ideal and relaxing way to see a city, it will still be a highlight of our holiday.

So that was Day 2 of our house swap, day 3 will be less of a challenge – just the local supermarket to negotiate our way round.

Thanks for reading – do you have a favourite photo from my “Paris collection”?!!

Ever been to Paris yourself?

As alway, please share. Where possible I reply or visit your blog if you have one.


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  1. oh those photos bring back memories – we also had a really hard time getting around the train and airport in Paris –
    I must admit i’ve never seen a hot dog quite that big or look like that? Have you eaten any fresh bread? I do remember that from our trip there – i walked around with a baguette munching. Looking forward to seeing more of the midevil town – I think that’s more my style too –

  2. I would love to se Paris! Your little guy is so cute and I have lived that nonsensical desire to get something different than they chose! I love your pics of the tower, great shots from fun angles!

  3. I HAVE been to Paris! A long time ago.

    I decided I wanted to move in to the Louvre, and wander the streets forever, Amen.

    Your post brings back wonderful memories! I hope to visit with my husband, the next time I go back.

    And now, YOU have a new follower, as well!

  4. What stunning photos… makes me wish I was a travler!.. Such a homebody I am, but!… I will also be at Bloggy Bootcamp in Atlanta. I am so glad that you will be there too! Are you bringing your family?.. My youngest two will be with us but husband is going to find something to do that day with them. So good to meet you!

    Maddie –

  5. OMG! I miss Paris! I was there when I was … let’s see … sixteen? Seventeen? With my french class from high school. LOVED IT. I would so love to go again. You probably read my blog post about it but one of the highlights was getting lost after curfew with my best friend. God, I would love to go back one day!

  6. Wonderful photos – thanks for sharing them! You are making me even MORE excited to visit!!

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