The tale of the pirate and the two fridge/freezers

Today was Pirate Day for the Primary 5 kids at school today. My middle daughter asked me to draw some “scars” on her face and hands to add to the authenticity!

Here is her teacher, getting into the spirit of things.

And her class mates too.

At midnight last night, while switching off the lights, I noticed something odd about our new fridge/freezer – within the wrapping I caught a glimpse of not one (for the ice/water) panel but two panels on the front of the fridge/freezer doors.

It turns out the electrical supplier had sent us THE WRONG fridge/freezer – the one they delivered has a built in espresso coffee maker, which I am sure is lovely, but we neither want nor need it. It also costs £600 more….for a coffee machine?! I am not a coffee lover, but surely even a coffee addict would find that excessive?

After a rather sleepless night, worrying about how things would be delayed if the correct fridge/freezer might not be available for weeks, I rang the company. Both the person on the other end of the phone and I were relieved to discover that OUR fridge/freezer had been ordered correctly and was waiting patiently in the warehouse.

They promise they will be here tomorrow (Thursday) to exchange the appliances. Watch this space!

Everyone says there are always hiccups when you are getting things like this done – maybe this is our hiccups, or maybe there will be more.

This afternoon our friendly removal guy (he has moved all our possessions 3 times already!) came to help move out the sofas and shelves from the family room. Having a husband a few weeks post surgery means there was no way we could have managed without his help. The family room end of the kitchen/family room is now very empty and echo-ey!

Here is another layout I made using Weeds and Wildflowers Life Is Good. There is a great sale going on, and keep a regular eye on their Meadow blog for freebies – but be quick, the links don’t stay up for long.

See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “The tale of the pirate and the two fridge/freezers”

  1. her class looks like they sure are having fun with pirates day

    and… a coffee maker in the fridge??? wow! I’ve seen in a tv screen in a fridge before so why not that… how funny

  2. Your daughter looks so cool as a pirate! And great scar too! They must have had a great day.

    Hope everything works out with the fridge/freezers! I love our water/ice dispencers, but coffee makers seems a little too much, especially with an extra £600!

  3. I love the pirate pics! And the hiccup w/ the freezer made me laugh, sorry. I’ve never even heard of having an espresso machine in your fridge, and even if I drank it, I can’t fathom paying that much for one. Hopefully the right one does come soon, as promised!

  4. bentonflocke

    seems they had much fun with their pirates day! Your daughter is a beauty and looks great in her costume.

    What a shock about your fridge I´m glad it turned to a good account

  5. From a true coffee addict I still don’t think I would pay £600 for a built in coffee maker, still a least your fridge was ready and waiting, it sounds like the wrong one just made its way onto the lorry. Hopefully this is your hiccups.

    Pirate day looks like a lot of fun. I remember having a dressing up day in primary school and everyone arrived dressed as their mums, even the boys.

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