A night out at "Mums Night In"

Today I want to share some craft items I made on Tuesday evening at our “Mums Night In!”

At our church toddler group we organise a few social evenings during the year for the parents. grandparents and carers who attend the group.

Sometimes we go out for a meal, but one of the most popular nights we have are the “Mum’s Night In”. We all come (without the kids!) down to the church, order in a Chinese Take-away and bring along desserts.

Those of us who are into craft stuff, or just have lots of craft supplies (!) bring along our stash and our tools, and we buy some additional supplies too.

We then have a general “free-for-all” craft time, when anyone can make a card, a necklace, try a new craft, or demonstrate something for others to try.

Here are my “creations” from that evening.

I updated my mobile phone charm with some new square beads in these lovely spring shades of pinks and greens.

I had a go at knitting with wire, then used Friendly Plastic for the first time to make this – I think I will use it as a card topper, but you could attach it to a candle, make it into a broach, or even put it in a tiny frame.

Finally, I decorated a simple white candle with some ribbon and a button, to match the decor at the holiday cottage.

Here are a few more photos from the evening. There is plenty of chat and laughter, and then some delicious home-made desserts. Recipes are often shared afterwards, and if there are any leftovers, we bring them along to Toddler group the next day.

It suits us as it is informal and relaxed, if you are not really into craft there is no pressure, but most have a go at something.

Do you ever meet up with others to socialise and do some craft? If so, please share.

Posting this as my Show and Tell for friday as tomorrow the kitchen makeover starts, and if all goes according to plan (!) I will next post from our holiday cottage.

For more Show and Tell, visit Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home.

Take care until then.

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  1. I love these types of nights! When we at the Irish pub we had fish and chips, shepards pie, and cornbeef and cabbage. I am sure nothing like what you have on a regular basis… Thanks for the comments all the way from Ireland!!!

  2. How fun! I have not done something like that for awhile, but I do miss it! It is a lot of fun when a bunch of friends with creative minds come together. The candle idea is a really simple one, but what a cute idea, and so easily changed for seasons or anything like that! I might have a go!

  3. I haven’t gotten to do anything like that in a long time. It looks like such fun! I love the things you made!

  4. I haven’t been to anything like that in a long time. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Wire knitting is great, although I’ve never been any good at placing beads in mine.

  5. I´ve send you a mail at the moment! 😉

    I also was in a toddler group when my children were younger… but these groups were together with the childrens.

    Your whole stuff is great!! You are really creative!

  6. This looks so much fun! You created some lovely crafts there. I have never done anything like this, but I would really like to!

  7. What a fun night and I love that you brought in Chinese take-out!! When our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meets up, we bring in whatever everyone makes or buys at the store, but I think I’m going to suggest Chinese for next month! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us! Oh, and I received my tea towel in the post today – it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much!!

  8. You crafty lady! Some great ideas and it sure looks like a lot of fun. So good to bond in this way. Do you get good Chinese food there? We call it “To Go” or “Take Out” while you call it “Take Away”

    Got my cooookbook! Squee!

    ♥ Barb

  9. Excellent!!! Looks like a fabulous fun time. And the great things you’ve shared is awesome.

    My Show n Tell is some of my treasured roses and amaryllis this week. Come by and enjoy the sweet fragrance and beauty.

    Happy Friday.

  10. That sounds like so much fun! I would love to do something like that here. I might even get creative and actually make something!

  11. How much fun….I should start this at our church!!! Your crafting treasures are beautiful…Have a great Friday…Julie

  12. What a wonderful gathering of friends, food and crafts! I loved all your pictures. During the long winter months here in Alaska I host a “Knit Together” time in my home every other Friday afternoon. It includes lunch (usually soup or Quiche) and we get together and knit or do whatever craft we like. Thanks for sharing with us! Blessings, Jax in Alaska

    P.S. Come on over to my blog for more Show & Tell fun.

  13. I haven’t gotten together with friends to do crafts in a long time. The last time I did anything remotely like that was about a year ago, and I met with other digital scrappers up north at a lovely scrap store. We all had our laptops in one room, while girls in the other room were paper scrapping! It was fun going back and forth and seeing what everyone was doing!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of your craft night!

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