On the 9th day of December….Christmas baubles and bells

I am combining today’s post with a WFMW post. If you have not been here in a while, welcome to my world, and welcome to my attempt at daily blogging about Christmas until 24th December. If you don’t want to miss any of it (!) please subscribe by email or feed. If you have even more time, read back through my other December posts. Thanks!

Tonight I am sharing how I have used some bells and baubles to decorate for Christmas. I rarely seem to add baubles to the Christmas tree, but often display them in a tall vase. You can see what I did with them last year in this post.

This year, following some internet inspiration (can’t find the link, sorry) I arranged them in a crystal bowl with a large candle in the middle.

I am pleased with the effect, and will probably do more like this next year, maybe as a centre piece for the table on Christmas Day. For this year however, this bowl is on my hearth. This is my Works for Me Wednesday post.

I did say I did not tend to use baubles on the Christmas tree, but I had forgotten about this mini tree, which I bought in the Next sale last year. A bit more modern and trendy than my usual sort of Christmas decor, but I like it!

Another favourite christmas decoration are bells, and the kids love to play with them, especially while singing Jingle Bells.

I have a few bells on both the kids tree and the “good” tree, but I also chose to display some in wine glasses. These mini bells I purchased in The Pier.

And I love the festive red of these ones.

So what decorations do you like to use?

Today was a busy hectic day with helping with snack at the Nursery School, school pick-ups, eldest child had party at the swimming pool, meeting at school about a forthcoming school trip, then the whole family back to the Nursery School for my son’s Christmas “concert”. It was not really a concert, but can’t think how else to describe it. It was lovely, with the Christmas story being read, and some Christmas carolls sung, followed by hot chocolate and shortbread.

Planning a quieter day tomorrow. Hope you can come back and join me then.
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  1. Oh jan
    Your post transports me back to my childrens childhood 20 plus years ago

    Great to see how much you are putting into this magical time

    Your children will remember it for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeev


  2. gorgeous decorations…great idea..i will wait til my youngest one is a little older before i decorate with glass:) thanks for the great ideas

  3. I love bells as well and love the gold bauble tree. With 9 kids tho, I do not display bells. The noise level is a cacophonous din with tvs, pc, gaming devices, cell phones with obnoxious ringtones, dogs barking and partridge in a pear tree..ok I am kidding about the partridge.

  4. Love the bowl with the candles and baubles, it looks great, very festive. Great pics and plenty of decorating ideas, thanks.

  5. I’ve been looking for those bells everywhere. Toots fell in love with the one in the Polar Express and has been asking if Santa will leave her one for Christmas.

    I take it that’s the Pier in Victoria Square.

  6. Ahhh – the happy busyness of this time of the year. That you manage to blog is amazing. Wonderful.

    I love to do the balls in a bowl and have done some myself – in fact my friend Melanie brought me a whole container of vintage type balls just yesterday, so I can do more LOL! I’m hoping to blog that friday.

    I love Children’s events for the holidays – the hope and excitement lit up in each and every face. Did you take some video?

    I’d be shaking your jingle tree too, if I were a child – too tempting!

    Thank you for sharing again JM, you’re a happy stop on my day.

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