We had our first real snow last night, but it had already melted by this morning, so no snowy pics to share. Instead we have this photo is of homework time. This is a maths homework, and required a bit of concentration.

Now to do a bit of a catch up from yesterday.

My dh DID NOT get a flight home to N Ireland last night. Stranded at Bristol, flight finally canceled after he had waiting at airport for 9 hours. Fortunately some friends were able to collect him and provide him with food and a bed for the night, and he got home today instead.

The frock exchange / clothes swap was great fun (or craic) (I am spelling it correctly this time), and maybe to the relief of my friends my battery ran out after only a few photos. Here however is a idea of what it was like.

I was able to share quite a few items and came home with some great things including some skecher shoes, bags, necklace and a number of t-shirts. At the end of the evening we were left with 3 bags of clothes to give to a charity shop.

The most mentioned phrases of the evening were “That is SO you”, “That would be great with a wide belt” and “Sure, you could sew a few darts in it”!!! By the end of the evening, even if someone tried on some shoes, we would suggest trying them with a wide belt!

So that is you up to date.

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  1. What a fun thing to do! This is like having a private ‘thrift’ store. And its recycling too – what a grand idea.

    What a long wait for your DH – I always think airports should have a gym or some places to at least sleep. Perhaps they do and I just don’t know it. At any rate, it was fortunate he had friends who could put him up for the night.

    I can feel the concentration going on with the maths – here we simply call it math.

    enjoyed my visit!

    ~ Barb

  2. LOL, that sounds like a fun evening with the clothes swap 🙂
    Poor hubby waiting so long at the airport – good that someone could pick him up and give him shelter!!

    I love the concentration on that sweet face 🙂 Math can be mind boggling sometimes!!

  3. It sounds like you had a great night.

    It’s a shame your husband was stuck in Bristol, especially after 9 hours in the airport.

  4. Sounds like a great idea (and fun even). Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments. Did you notice a trend: birds, empty nests… nothing like your first- born finishing high school to make you appreciate those last SAHM days.

  5. Love the photo of your daughter doing her homework, such concentration!

    The clothing swap looks (and sounds) like it was a lot of fun, and a wonderful idea.

    Your poor hubby! He must have been so tired when he finally made it home. I know I sleep better in my own bed.

  6. WOW, so glad your DH made it home.
    Can’t wait to see some pictures of what you got at the swap! Sounds like fun!

  7. My church ladies did a clothes swap one time. I didn’t know about it until afterwards, so I missed out, but it sounded like so much fun! It was strange seeing ladies at church wearing something that I had seen on someone else before :O). Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing yours with us. And, as for math, well it’s time to get Kali up and have a go at it ourselves :O).

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