A walk in the park

Between some grocery shopping at Lidl, and dropping in to our church toddler group, I managed to fit in a walk in the local park with my camera.

Here are some of my favourite images from today.

Which photo to you prefer? (if any!).
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  1. Every single one of those looks professional and from a wildlife magazine!! WOW!! You got skills girl!

    Ok, Disney is SOOOO close! U ready??

    God bless-

  2. I especially like the ducks. My favorite is the top one with the swirls of the water and the duck. All are beautiful.

  3. SIGH-

    thanks for inviting me along on your walk. I now feel better even tho I am as sick as a dog – well probably sicker as that dog in your photo looks right as rain.

    Your photos caught all the highlights. I have an interesting duck photo too – will love to share with you sometime.

    Can we go for another walk soon? The fresh air is sure to help me *wink*

    ~ Barb

  4. That is such a difficult questions, they are all great, but I think if you forced me to choose it would be the one of the gull flying!
    What lovely weather you had! perfect for a walk in the park, can you send some my way!

  5. I love the photo of the trees. I used to live in Sendai, Japan and there was a street lined with trees. They always reminded me of Dancers bowing to each other.

  6. They are all beautiful, but I especially like the first duck photo. Ilove the way the water looks so shining and ripply.

  7. Oh…they are all so gorgeous! You do have mad skills!!!

    I asked my son to help me, and the two top duck ones were our favorites, with the first one being our very favorite. Also loved the gull flying and the dog was too precious!! All are awesome though!!

  8. They’re all beautiful! You are so talented. I especially like the close up of the seagull flying. Great job!

  9. The first photo is by far my most favorite. It gives me an idea of the beauty that surrounded you on your walk today. Such a lovely park!

    Wonderful that you were able to capture these “stolen moments” on your camera.


  10. I like two very much, the ?seagull the white bird coming right at you and then the duck swimming away..the ripples are so beautiful…I like them alot..it was a great walk in the park..

  11. Difficult to choose but I think the first two – the duck with the water swirling is beautiful.

  12. What beautiful photos! My favorite is the single duck gliding away. The water is almost silky looking, just wonderful!

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