Lessons learned – rabbits, the media, pianos and guilt.

Quite a few lessons this week

1. Even though Milly the Build-a-Bear-rabbit may be ready for some sunny Bank Holiday Monday weather, this is almost certain to guarantee rain. Her deck chair and itsy bitsy polka dot bikini were a new purchase by my daughter, but definitely not required. We often have quite a warm sunny spell in May, but not this year.

2. Piano exams are just as stressful for the parents as it is for their kids – my daughter sat her first “Initial” piano exam yesterday, and I don’t think I breathed once during all 3 of her pieces as I sat in the waiting room listening to her play.

3. Taking care of a neighbour’s rabbit when they are away is also stressful, especially when your kids are convinced he is “saggy” and “skinny” and “not moving”! However a quick visit next door soon assured my mummy brain that the aforementioned rabbit was not going to be “RIP” anytime soon, and was looking very bright eyed and bushy tailed.

4. My dh has learned that dealing with press conferences and tv interviews is MUCH MORE stressful than co-ordinating the delivery of 6 babies.

and my son learned that when Daddy is on TV that when my son waves, Daddy can’t see him and won’t wave back….even if it appears that Daddy is looking right at him!

You can read more on the BBC HERE and see a short interview with him. (For international visitors, is this what you thought our accent would sound like?)

5. My son’s red hair is incredibly cute, especially when poking through the top of his bicycle helmet!

6. I finally learned that when I ask my bloggy readers for questions, and then don’t answer them all promptly, I feel enourmous guilt!!! Sorry folks – I will reply to them, honestly.

So, have you learned anything this week which you care to share? Please do.

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19 thoughts on “Lessons learned – rabbits, the media, pianos and guilt.”

  1. Yes – I know this guilt thing… but then we all love and forgive you. You always DO answer our many questions and your blog is ever interesting… good things are worth the wait!

    I can imagine that dealing with the press is a story unto itself. They love you – then drop you when you’re no longer of interest. Imagine how some celebs get addicted to the attention. It is nice for a time or two, but would hate to be in constant relationship with the press. Still, its VERY exciting!!!

    The sunny-bunny is SOOO funny. {hay, that rhymes!} This looks like something that should be in a shop. Oh, by the way – speaking of shops, I saw an App for the iphone/ipod that is for etsy! If you are interested in it I can find it for you!

    Hope you have a great day, my friend.

    LOL – agree w/ you about the hair/helmet… see THATS what makes you a good photographer – the eye to see each small detail. That small detail tells more than any old ‘posed’ shot

  2. OH I loved your list of lessons. Sounds like your husband has been busy. And I think it’s so cute that your son waves to him on the TV. I have a red-head son as well. Not sure where he got it though! LOL.
    Oh and I am SO jealous that you don’t have mosquitoes!

  3. Love the rabbit’s new accessories…your daughter is starting early. As a small child, I used to think the newsanchors could see me too until one day I stood in front of the tv wrapped in a towel after my bath. My mom wanted me to drop the towel and dry off but I refused. My mom informed me that indeed they could not see me. Whew!!

    Looks like your husband has been quite popular lately. How neat for the kids to see him on tv.

  4. How interesting that he was a part of such a rare event! Glad everything went well for the babies and their mother.

    We do often have warm sunny spells in Texas (you may have heard?) and are starting off the summer with days in the low 90s. So the stuffed bunny would be right at home here.

  5. Amazing!!! Awesome!!! What a terrific entry… I just got caught up on the last three. You have such an accomplished family! 🙂

    God bless-

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! The Build-A-Bear rabbit is TOO cute! We thought we were all ready for beachy weather here and then WHAM! 60 degrees F and rainy. Blech!

  7. As one of your international visitors, I must tell you that, YES! That’s exactly what I was HOPING he’d sound like. Now I wish even more that you could just read your blogs to me so that I wouldn’t have to imagine how you sound in my head. And now you must think I’m a raving lunatic.

  8. Creative Junkie

    OMG, I could honestly listen to your accent all day long. ALL DAY LONG.

    I remember piano competitions from when I was younger … I took piano for 10+ years and those competitions were so stressful for me.

    I love the peek of your son’s hair!

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  11. bentonflocke

    cute rabbit … it looks like my upcoming vacations LOL

    Your DH appears really pleasant in the interview!!

    Love your lessons-learned-postings!

  12. I learned that waiting rooms can be heavenly when you are childless. Your writing makes me smile….thanks!
    I’m about to add to your #6….check email.

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