Fashion Fiesta – come see my wardrobe

The wonderful Big Mama is hosting a Fashion Fiesta, to see our wardrobes. At first I thought…what fun


….then….oh no – not for me

…….then well I look forward to seeing everyone elses, but I am not sharing mine!

But now here I am! (I used to be indecisisve, but now I’m not so sure!)



My Wardrobe!

Sorry – could not resist that one. Actually I think BigMama was keen for us to share the contents of our wardrobes, especially what we “live” in every day.

I should be packing for our church weekend away, and once I had most of my clean and wearable clothes already hauled out, I decided to share with you – I promise it won’t hurt TOO much.

As you can see, I tend to live in t-shirts and jeans (did not show the jeans, but I tend to like Long & Lean from Gap (yes – we have Gap, and Disney Store and a whole lot more, but that is another blog post for another day), and I also buy jeans in Next like these and any where that does Petite/Ankle length (also known as short/stumpy – but I am not bitter)

My tshirts may be long or short sleeves, or somewhere in between. If this was winter they would mostly be black, brown, purple and …oh yes….more black. However because spring has allegedly sprung, the colours of the t-shirts are brightening up. I also like tops that are not too straight/tight – to allow for some tummy-hiding, and really like it if the top can be tied behind, and I feel this flatters my thinner bits, without over-exposing my less-thin bits.

You won’t find any round necks in my wardrobe – they are all scooped or v-neck, and frequently I do the layering thing of having white vest tops under ( I believe these may be called tank tops across the ocean). You will also rarely find skirts, and WILL NEVER find anything yellow! (I think I have a phobia to yellow clothes).

Most of my basic t-shirts come from Next, New Look, Dunnes, Primark and maybe even Marks & Spencers (Per Una). I also like Wallis or Principles, but they would tend to be a bit more co-ordinated outfits if you know what I mean!

I bought these two items in Fat Face earlier in the year while over in Bristol. I am not remotely sporty or trendy, and they probably have to hide their horror when I visit their store full of the young and the beautiful, but I like their clothes enough to risk it.

Here are some zipped hoody things which I tend to layer on top if I am cold (frequently)

As you can see, I have them in a wide range of colours – this is only a selection.

Next on to footwear – which I basically wear these are trainers from September to May

From Left to Right – Skechers, Brown Leather Boots, Black stretch suede boots.

I recently bought these in anticipation of some sun – I wore an almost identical pair of these last summer (which were Skechers – these aren’t).

If it is a slighter smarter occasion than the school run or the park, I may accessorise with some jewelery.

So that is my life/everyday wear.

Here are a few “dressy” items – which I rarely wear, but like to look at occasionally to remind myself there is life beyond my little one of house and kids. That some people GO OUT AFTER DARK, and allegedly WITHOUT KIDS! OK – I am exaggerating, I do get out, we have some lovely babysitters (you know who you are) but as I no longer work outside the home – my work clothes are the same as my home clothes/weekend clothes/holiday clothes.

These have been worn to more formal occasions, and the second one I wore to my 40th birthday party (which was not at all formal!)

Finally some silly shoes that hurt like crazy, stay on with a wing and a prayer – but they look good, and as long as I don’t have to actually take steps with them, they aren’t a problem….really!

So thats me and my wardrobe. Enjoy the Fashion Fiesta, and please leave a comment, and even better, come back soon.

Off to finish packing for the church weekend.

Take care until next time.

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  1. I could never pare it down to this, unless someone volunteers me for a ‘what not to wear makeover’ which i would desperately love!

    Thx for sharing – erm, can i borrow one of your hoodies haha!

    have fun on your weekend.

  2. I think you have great style! I don’t own any cool necklaces like that.
    I LOVE your brown leather boots, i would totally wear this daily with my jeans.
    And can I just say, I think I would feel extremely welcome in a store called Fat Face.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend away! Isn’t the Paris trip coming up soon?

  3. I’m a shalwar/chemise kinda girl. And give me my fuzzy slippers and I’m happy. Enjoy your weekend retreat.

  4. Very good exploration of your wardrobe Jan! I’m not sure how much is IN my wardrobe, I think it’s all on hangers around the house drying!

  5. I began to look (and laugh at your wardrobe picture!) and then think, “Hey! Well now…ooo…I like these! She can shop for me anytime!”

    I love your clothing style! Wonderful!!


  6. Ok, gotta say that I love your jewelry. I think that our style is a lot alike but doubt the sizes are. Your dressy stuff looks like what I would wear 6 sizes ago (I’m probablly even more than a few sizes bigger). I don’t know if I could even photograph my clothes, cuz most are on the floor waiting to be sorted for laundry. Love the laid back style though. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Ok, you got me with that first picture! HA! Your style is great – thanks for the tour!

  8. Hi JanMary- You commented on my blog regarding my Irish dancing skirt. I am going working on a post now, it will include a pic of that skirt, so be sure and check back late tonight or tomorrow.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    I would LOVE to come to Ireland. My husbands grandmother is from there. She went a few years ago to trace her fmaily history. I wish I could’ve gone with her.

  9. Okay, now I know how you feel when you read my blog because a lot of the stores you mentioned I have never heard of! But you have some great things!

    Love the necklaces!

    Thanks for joining in!

  10. I love your shoes and necklaces! I am a shoe nut. I have so many that I couldn’t take a picture of just a few so I didn’t take one at all. While I was here I also looked around at your pictures. You have such talent. Keep taking them. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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