Mouse mat memories

While at my laptop today, backing up photos and digital scrap stuff to an external hard drive, I was looking around for inspiration for my photo today for Project 365.

I looked no farther than right beside me – my Parisian mouse mat. I purchased this from a small touristy shop near the Sacre Couer during our trip to Paris last May. It reminds me of a wonderful trip to a beautiful city to celebrate my husband’s 40th.

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So what is on your mousemat?
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18 thoughts on “Mouse mat memories”

  1. Great photo and memory, JanMary. I don’t have any mouse pad, maybe I could do some with a photo of my little ones 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. bamabreeze10

    Cute!! My mousepad is just the one that came with our old dell desktop back in like 2001 I think? It’s nothing special like yours!! I may need to get a new one now 😛

  3. That is a wonderful mousemat! I lived in France as a child, but do not have any photos (I think my mum might have some), and no momentos!
    You inspired my p365 post for Saturday as well 🙂

  4. Jennifer (Jennilyn)

    That looks about the size I’m looking for…I need a new mouse pad, but I can’t find one this size, the size of a VHS tape. The one I have now I got with the Blair Witch Project when we bought it way back when. LOL Yours is pretty!

  5. whats a mousepad?

    Ever since I got my Wacom five years ago, my pen is my mouse – and it has a holder, no pad. I do have my tablet tho – and can put a nice photo inside that if I wish. 🙂

    Thx for the share!

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