Fountains, fireworks and friends!

Ok – maybe I went a bit overboard with the alliteration, but there will be a little bit of all of the above in this post.

Now – for a non-apology. I am so tempted to start this post, as I start many of my posts, with an apology for not posting since…..I last posted!

My lovely Mum is the biggest apologiser I know, and it is now a bit of a family joke – what can Mum possibley find to apologise for. An example : we are all over for a lovely family meal – kids and grandkids and Mum will say “Sorry there is only steak/salmon/roast chicken for dinner. and I only managed to make 3 desserts, and the chocolate one did not quite turn out the way it should have….” We all groan, assure her it is all delicious, and promise we are not disappointed with the wonderful feast she has made us…because she is a great cook – and we are not just saying that!

Lovely as my lovely Mum is, I am really trying not to be an over-apologyier (don’t know how to spell that – sorry – ooops!) so I am NOT sorry for not posting.

What trait do you think you have inherited that you really would rather not have inherited? And what do you wish you had inherited too?

I wish I had inherited more of my Dad’s tidying gene – he is the best/most methodical/ tidy person I know. I aspire to be more tidy and organised…but much prefer to procrastinate.

So how about a few photos?

Holidaying here is continuing to be full of fun – and the last few days have included what are now becoming annual holiday traditions for us.

1. A trip to Barry’s Amusement Arcade in Portrush.

Barry’s is a Northern Ireland tradition – family run for decades, with some of the same rides that I went on as a child, and it is lovely to see my kids enjoying them too.

We buy a bag of tokens, and everyone takes turns choosing the next ride/experience. Participating in all rides is not compulsory (fortunately) and it gave me lots of photo opportunities. Sometimes we go with friends, and this year was no excpetion, as our house guests came too.

2. Fountains in Ballycastle

Ballycastle is a small town/seaside resort/harbour with some fountains just perfect for playing in. We chose a warm afternoon, and came prepared with changes of clothes and towels. Then it is just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the kids joy.

3. Fireworks

There are 3 fireworks displays on the North Coast over the summer, and our favourite are at Portstewart, at the end of the annual Red Sails Week. The fireworks are set off behind the convent, and the view from the sea front is lovely, with the reflections on the water.

Do you have any annual holiday traditions? I would love to hear about them.

Last week was also New Horizon – a christian conference with over 2000 attending the main meetings, with great kids activities organised too. I found many of the speakers challenging.

There were seminars too and here are some I chose to attend.

  • Pastoring people though grief
  • The Dawkins Delusion
  • Image – You are what you wear
  • Blogging for Jesus.

More on the blogging seminar – It was good to meet another blogger in real life, Kevin. The majority of the audience were not actually bloggers (yet) so the seminar included a live demonstration of setting up a blog (with the inevitable technical glitches) as well as discussion on can a blog be used to share your faith. My own thoughts are that my christian faith is an important part of my life, and as I blog about my life it is not possible to separate the two. I find great encouragement from other christian bloggers and my hope would be to be able to do that too.

Here are just a few of the wonderful christain bloggers I follow (in no order) (and sorry if I have not included you, there are many more, but I have just included a few) (and there is another sorry – oops again!).

Take 90 West
Musings of a Housewife
Hazel – Beyond the Edge
Big Mama
Mommy Cracked
Especially Heather
Bring the Rain
Kimberley Geswein
Mrs Miles
Surviving Motherhood
Shalee’s Diner

So final question for my bloggy readers – which bloggers inspire you? Links please!
Must stop, the sun is shinning, and I want to be outside.

Take care

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  1. Love all the pictures and your blog is wonderful!! You must post more often. I love to read it.

  2. Tell all me this happened w/in the month and not day after day b/c omg looks like a fun fun time & i’m jealous.. bloggers that inspire me hmmm way to many to list.

  3. Your pictures are really beautiful, love the fountain ones…and your blog looks great with the delightful stuff!

  4. Just thought I owuld drop by and say “hi” Really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your fab photos. Hope you are enjoying the photography course – I feel like tearing my hair out at times!!

  5. I always read you in my Google reader, but had to click over so I could check out your new site…it is Awesome! I really mean that.

    One of my very favorite blogs to read, besides the big three of Boo, Big and Rocks, is Queen B. She makes me laugh. I also read Lots of Scotts every day because she writes about her love for the Lord so beautifully. The Roost is a blog that inspires me to do better and be better every day, she is the most encouraging blogger out there, I think. I also am very new to The Nester…it’s a decorating blog that I am enjoying very much.

  6. Alliteration is always good 🙂

    Thank you for some lovely photos and a very interesting post. I’ll be writing about the inherited traits question you posted on the 3rd of next month (I love scheduling posts!)

  7. Amazing pictures, as always! You guys look like you have so much fun! And thank you so much for including me on your list. And I love how you don’t want to seperate being a Christian from your blog writing. Just be YOU!

  8. With all the up and down craziness of my life, I cannot apologize enough that I’ve let the blog reading get so far behind!

    First: LOVE the new look. It seems so very you.

    The kids are adorable! I want to run through that fountain with them… One day when God blesses us with the trip to Ireland, I can’t wait to meet you all.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw that I’m on your list of inspiration. What a challenge! The one thing that is completely encouraging to me is that our Christian walk isn’t meant to be alone. I love that I’ve found family around the world who are walking with me, disciplining and supporting me in my times of struggles while laughing and celebrating the goodness of God all the time. That is just a bonus to the gift of salvation, love and grace from our Father.

    One of my inspirations is Antique Mommy. Not only can she write beautifully and humorously, her wit and wisdom meld into posts that inspire, define and celebrate motherhood – the good and bad parts.

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