So, Did You Miss Me?

You probably may not have even noticed, but it has been quite a while since I have posted. However, in my defense I am on holidays, and around here I try to put real life before blogging (gasp of horrors all around).

The more observervant among you may even notice a new look to the blog, and even, perhaps a little bit of de-cluttering? Or at least most of the clutter has now been swept to one corner of my 3 COLUMN BLOG! Yes – I have been the victim beneficiary of a makeover. Thanks must go to the patience, genius and understanding of DCR Design, and the kind permission of the Weeds & Wildflower digital designers who allowed me to use this delightful kit, called Delightful, appropriately enough!

I have made to layouts with the aforementioned Delightful kit

So what has been happening since I last blogged?

Here are a few photos to fill you in.

There has been a Medieval Fair at Dunluce Castle


We have been to more than a few beaches (here are a few of the “arty” photos)

We have taken George to the vet – 4 TIMES!

No visit to our cottage is complete without one visit to the vet’s surgery, but 4! One for routine booster injections, one for painkillers and antibiotics after losing a fight, one emergency dash for a feline urine infection (which included a general anesthetic, catheritisation, more antibiotics and now a special diet!) and finally today back for another check-up and all clear. Thank goodness for cat insurance! I have had a few bloggy enquiries as to if our cat does in fact also come on holidays with us, and yes, he does. He originally hails from our neighbour at the cottage, and seems to adapt well to having 2 homes (and 2 vets!).

My online photo masterclass is continuing, and this week it is aperture and depth of field we are “focusing” on (sorry, could not resist that pun). It is challenging, frustrating and enjoyable, all at once.

This week we have some lovely house guests who have joined us from Bristol for New Horizon. This is a large Christian Conference in a huge marquee in Coleraine. The is a great kids club which my daughters are attending, and there have been some excellent teaching sessions and seminars. The praise is being led by Kristen and Keith Getty.

Tonight I am going to a seminar entitled Blogging for Jesus, by Keith Hargaden. Wonder how many bloggers will attend , and I only know a couple of bloggers “in the real world” it should be fascinating.

After tea this evening we are taking the kids to Barry’s in Portrush. It is a tradition for most children brought up in Northern Ireland to be taken there for the dogems, merry-go-round, helter-skelter which I remember from my childhood. These days there have been a few new rides with names like “Freak Out” which I can assure you I won’t be on! I plan to take lots of photos (now, there’s a surprise) so come back soon.

Until then, take care.

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  1. Those photos are wonderful. Going to a cottage sounds like so much fun. We stay at Yurts and the coast.

  2. Loving the new ‘do’.

    I’d completely forgotten about Barry’s, didn’t even think it was still open.

    I’ll have to get toots up there sometime, you’re right it is a bit of a ‘right of passge’ isn’t it.

  3. Love the new blog design! LOVE IT!
    Yes, I did miss you!
    Love the pictures-your cat is so cute. Sorry about the vet trips though!

  4. of course you were missed! the photos are fabulous. have fun at the conference. hope your cup is filled to overflowing.

  5. Everything is looking pretty spiffy here JM – do you ever sit still? haha!

    I love the new look – very cool how you’ve made your blog over. How DID you do your siggy? Is it just a jpg? how, show me HOW! lol.

    Poor George – he’s always got something going on, good thing he’s in your family, a good looker-after family.

    I am way impressed with especially the kids silhouette photo – it speaks to me!

    Good luck at your seminar.

    I’ve been listening to BBC Scotland on podcasts – VERY interesting. I look forward to sharing my thoughts when we eventually meet up again on chat!


  6. Stumbled on to your blog tonight thro CJ.s workshop another norn Ireland girl here from Dungannon

    great blog how are you finding the workshop?

    My involvement to date has been limited
    My BIL law died last Sat so I have not been on line or doing any photography

  7. Awesome pictures and LOVE the new blog look! You guys look like you’ve been pretty busy during your vacation time.

  8. Thanks for commenting over at my blog about the digiscrapping! Leanne pointed me to you yesterday and I’m just now getting to look through all your albums. They’re fabulous!

  9. I have been on Vacation too to Hawaii! I love your photos of the medieval festival and one day I vow to go to one of those…I do have irish heritage in me ya know…and the fair skin and freckles to prove it! lol!

    Your holiday sounds like fun…I love the new look of your blog!!!

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