Bonjour bloggy friends, and a French Plait question

Notice the french theme to tonight’s title – I am getting into practice for OUR TRIP TO PARIS next week.

Can you tell I am excited? I won’t go on and on about it now……..but don’t worry, I am sure I will go on and on and on about it afterwards.

And I may just have a photo or two (hundred) to share as well!

This is my latest digitally scrapped birthday card – credits – Tatter Frannies by NitWit Collections. (Remember – I take orders!)

It has been another busy and hectic week in our house, as I said to my husband the other day….”See you in Paris!” as at least one of us has been out every evening this week. The P6 and P7 pupils from my daughter’s school performed the musical Joseph for two evenings this week in our local civic arts centre, and it was an excellent show.

As a member of the choir and a dancer, my eldest daughter was in her element. However, the highlight was probably having her hair put up in a french plait by a lovely family friend – this skill having not been handed out to me along with my other mummy skills.

At least, we call it a french plait here – what is it called in your corner of the world? We would both love to know!

As I am writing this I have almost finished a large digital scrapbooking order which is a surprise graduation gift for a lady’s daughter in America. There will be over 50 pages, and I am looking forward to hearing her reaction when she is presented with it.

It has been really enjoyable to do, and I have learnt a lot about Home Coming, proms, spring break and other American high school traditions – stuff I never knew I didn’t know, if you know what I mean?

We have enjoyed 2 weeks of glorious sunny and warm weather here – unseasonally warm. My son and I have enjoyed picnic lunches in the garden nearly every day after playgroup. After lunch he likes it when we sit in our “laxing chairs” (reclining sun loungers) sharing my “cocoa” (diet coke). Of course his “laxing” lasts about 5 seconds, but I enjoy the peace while I can!

Finally, Lara Payton at Dusty Bear has this beautiful new kit out called Antique Beauty. It is currently on offer

That is all from me for now. I may fit in another post before we leave for Paris.

Until next time, take care.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and such beauty in the french plait…love it…nice enabling too with the digital items and hey LURVE that card, wow!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

    We call them French braids here. When I was in senior high school, I could do one on myself, as I had to wear my hair like that for marching band. All long hair had to be braided.

    Thanks again for visiting. Have a great time in Paris!

  3. What a blog JanMary, really impressive! i am so excited to you about your trip to Paris and can’t wait to see all your pics!My hubby gave me the name of an excellent seafood restaurant in the 8th and now I have forgotten the name! lol! I’ll be back tomorrow! and in French we call it : “une tresse africaine”!
    Have a great WE!

  4. What a beautiful family you have.

    You live in one of my most favorite places that I would love to visit. So Beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Great scrapbooking layouts. You’re talented.

  5. So i LOVE your scrapbooking pages! You create those??? So talented…I really wish I had that talent!

    Proms in America are overrated…but I love that the parents where nice to do such a fun gift for their daughter for graduation…I would have loved it!

    I am traveling to Scotland and England in August…but not Ireland this time…I want to make that a trip of its own! i LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    I came over from BLOGHER ads!

  6. We call it ‘French’ braiding here in Canada. Our dd had hair down to her bum when she was little, so had loads of practice with this. Now, I do my OWN hair sometimes, and thats a bit more tricky… involves having to lay horizontal on the bed, face up, with my head hanging over the edge. I believe you could catch on to doing it yourself easily enough, (on your dd that is) by watching the following video:

    Have a wonderful time in Paris. Your photos are wonderful, the play is so colorful! Good photo ops! Thank you for sharing JM and I’ll be waiting to come along with you to Paris (via photos when you return home) Enjoy yourself!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. We call that a French Braid. Your daughter is beautiful. Wow have a wonderful time in Paris! As far as the heat in Southern California. We picked the spot we live in because of it’s cooler temps compared to the inland areas and valleys. We are happiest at about 75 degrees :0) Upper 80’s and into the 100’s is just too oppressive in my opinion. Have fun…

  8. Paris???
    Wow. Have a great time!
    I see you’ve already heard the term for that hair do in the US is a french braid. I used to have long hair and put it into a french braid all the time. It really isn’t too hard to do. For as clever as you are with your digiscrapping, I have not doubt you could learn how to a french plait.
    Looking forward to visiting Paris with you via your pictures. *grin*

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