Day 10 – Santas – lots of them!

I will keep this blog post short, as it is already after 10pm, and I am fading fast!

Just a typical busy day today – school and playgroup pickups and drop-offs, went to Post Office, some more Christmas shopping (nearly finished), got car fixed, did some ironing (no-where near finished), took my daughters to the hairdressers, helped with homework, made tea, bathed son then out to a meeting a church tonight.

Today’s photo is of my “nesting” Santas. I have always loved those Russian dolls, and am particularily fond of this set.

Next I will quickly share a gift card holder I made last night using Weeds & Wildflowers A Winter Holiday kit. I hope to be able to share soon the template for this, but as yet it has not been posted on the appropriate blog.

As I have a number of gift cards to give as presents to neices and nephews, I hope to make a selections of these. I love it when I can find another application for my passion for digital scrapbooking.

On with the Christmas Survey…..

Do you get a real Christmas tree, or is it artificial?

As a child we always had real trees, but since I have been married, articial all the way. I do like the smell of a real tree, and I know there are lots of new varieties now which last longer, and shed less needles, but I suspect we will stick with the artifical ones. What about you?

That’s all folks.

Take care until tomorrow

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  1. Your christmas card holders are so cute! I would love to have the template for those! We got a real tree for several years but right now I have an artificial tree that looks fairly real so I’m happy!

  2. I also made this cardholder..really love the template. I love how your cut the card..I will try this some other time!

    We also have a artificial tree.. I too miss the smell of a real tree but this one stays beautiful till the end. In Holland we keep the trees till the first week of that’s quit some time!

  3. I have been soooooo enjoying your Christmas blog postings… the survey and the photos give me a wonderful glimpse of Christmas in Ireland… Thanks for sharing. We have an artifical tree but hang up a fresh wreath to get that pine smell in the house.

    PS: I hope George makes it home soon!

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