Eight is great!

Last week our youngest member of our family turned 8!

For his birthday he got a new “big” bike with gears and brakes, with which he was well pleased.

He had a party with SIXTEEN kids, in our house (!) last Saturday, but thanks to the magic tricks and humour of Magic George the magician we all survived to tell the tale.

We had a Skylander cake and Skylander cupcakes (thanks to ebay who provided the edible skylanders)

I had a go at layering jelly – the kids were impressed!

On the occasion of his birthday I decided to do something I have always had great intentions of doing, but never got around to ….. interviewing my son to have a glimpse of his life, aged 8.

Fave breakfast? dads homemade pancakes

Fave dinner? crispy cod

Best school subject? ict (computers!) and technology

What I want to be when I grow up? palaeontology and inventor

Best friends? Jordan and Karson

Fave TV Programmes? Deadly 60 and Backyard Science

Fave toys? Lego hero factory and skylander wii

Best thing to do outside? any sport

Best thing to do inside (that doesn’t involve a screen!)? reating /building lego, geomag, knexx

Favourite colour? Navy or black

So there you have it, my son, aged 8 – welcome to his world.

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  1. Hi JM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your handsome *ahem* young – tell him its not an insult – son this year. I think 8 is great too! Looks like you brought it in nicely, thanks for allowing us to enjoy too.


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