Blog Journal 8 and 9 – Romance and Wedding Memories

WARNING – this post contains excessive and unnecessary gushy emotions, so if you are of a nervous disposition you may wish to look away now!

I am combining two of the Blog Journal prompts tonight, as I am very behind with this challenge so appropriately you are getting romance and my wedding in this post!

What does romance mean to me?

So hard to define….

Knowing looks and shared values
Making me a mug of tea just the way I like it (very weak, milky and sweet!) without being asked
Tolerating my messiness
Supporting my choices
Clearing up the kids vomit (I just can’t cope with it!)
Being there for me no matter what

I asked my husband what romance means to him, and he suggested I include the letter he once sent me on my birthday and he was happy for me to share it again on my blog:

We have known each other for 20 years this month, so here are some reasons why after 16 years of marriage why I still love you:

  • I love the way you are the hinge for our family.  A really important central cog in everything the 5 of us do.
  • I love the way you have built us a home (or 2). It makes us all feel safe and secure and loved and accepted.
  • I love the fact that you make me feel needed and wanted and valued.
  • I love the way you do not seem to care about status. You were always very supportive during my career as a junior doctor but you seemed happy to accept wherever I ended up. You are not a traditional consultant’s wife.
  • I love coming home from work to your roast chicken dinner. Especially the gravy.
  • I love your creativity. You have done so much to help us remember our favourite family times in photography and digital scrapbooking.
  • I love the way you naturally share your faith in your blog.


  • I love the way you talked so openly at the church weekend about your postnatal depression. You spoke brilliantly. I was very proud.
  • I love the way you are happy to be involved in church when you can, but happiest to go quietly unseen. I love this because it says you do it for the best reasons.
  • I

    love the way we work together as a team.

  • I love the way you can build that bridge after someone has hurt you. You do not hold grudges.

I love the way that you have tried so hard in every part of our life together.

Now I am blushing (again)!

Ok – enough of the lovey dovey…. Now for some more! – our wedding…..

It was nearly 18 years ago that we were married. It was a glorious hot day and for someone who hates being the centre of attention I loved the day. We were just 24, which now seems very young. I have posted these pics previously but here are some again:

If you want to see the rest go HERE

The wedding reception was held at the Culloden Hotel, where we stayed recently, go HERE for lots more photos.

This post is part of a challenge to blog daily for a month with different prompts each day. You can see links to the other participants here, and you are welcome to play along at any time.

Care to share what romance means to you, or a little of your wedding memories or perhaps your dream wedding?

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  1. oooooooh cute!!

    I’ve been to the Culloden a few times 🙂

    Your hubby sounds so sweet 🙂

    I was married when I was just 22 and I definitely feel a lot older now… its our 3 year anniversary tomorrow!!

    so glad your joining in 🙂

  2. Your husband’s note practically made me cry! I’d say you have a keeper there. 🙂

    We will be married 17 years in a couple weeks, and we were also 24 when we were married. And I agree, now that seems so very young, doesn’t it?

    Happy anniversary!

  3. How sweet! Your husband sounds a lot like mine. In fact, we have several things in common. We will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary this year, too. I’m glad to hear that I am not the only mama that has trouble cleaning up after sick kids! Thank God for wonderful husbands! Carla

  4. OK my friend… you need to have that letter from your husband FRAMED. Really, just as it was written, take it to a professional framer and have it done. Sounds like he and my Mr. could be brothers, they think alike. I don’t take one second for granted.

    I will look forward to ONE DAY that you will be showing us comparison pics of your CHILDREN getting married!

    thx for allowing us to enjoy as well.


  5. What a beautiful letter and what beautiful wedding photos – you both look so happy. I remember when those sleeves were in style, very fairy tale princess.

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